I wear crocs from the moment the last of the snow and ice clears in the spring until the first snow flies again in the fall. These comfy, open air shoes are easy to put on and take off, come in a variety of colors and can be worn with practically anything. That is what I love about them – they are just so darn convenient.

I started with one modest pair of taupe crops. They could be worn with most things and were perfect for “hasty” days when I just didn’t have the time to put an outfit together. That lasted three years. Visiting the crocs store this summer was my downfall. I got a pink pair. Then purple. Black. Now my “need” includes a pair of blue crocs. Since it has started to show signs of winter where I am I will hold off on that purchase till summer. Still, I look in my closet and cringe when I realize I have outfits that simply can’t be worn without those blue crocs :-)

Do you wear crocs or do you have another favorite style of easy wear shoe?

– Maggie AAR

4 thoughts on “Crocs

  1. Mary

    I buy flip flops. Tons and tons of flip flops. I particularly love the Yellow Box flip flops and I have red, black and blue polka dot ones. I have them with feathers and stripes, houndstooth patterns and sequined. I wait for the middle of the summer and buy them up for the next year at half off. I actually wear them until the bottoms are so worn they are slippery in wet weather. If I could wear flip flops year round, I would. Since I cannot, I also love mules and I have tons and tons of mules…

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  2. Wendy

    I LOVE my Crocs. I don’t wear the traditional ones like the pair in the picture. Their flip flops are what I wear all summer and their litlle ballet dress shoes can be worn any time.

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  3. Joane

    My favourite easy wear shoes are flip-flops. I love them! I would have them all year around -but I really have cold feet, so… I’m the Summer Queen of Brazilian Flip-flops.
    You, croc-lovers, on the other hand, are like a kind of a cult. My husband loves them, too. He uses as much as he can and pretends me to do the same. But he hasn’t convince me, I just don’t get past the way those things look.

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