Busiest Man on My TV

gr He has teddy bear-button eyes set in a face that looks like a knuckle, and he’s on my television, literally, half the time its on. And I just adore him. Yep, it’s Gordon Ramsay.

My TV-husband crush began earlier this summer when I was introduced to Kitchen Nightmares, which airs on BBC America. Before that Ramsay was just the mean guy I occasionally saw abusing cooks when commercials for some random show interrupted whatever I was watching. Now I know that “random show” is Hell’s Kitchen, and it is among the many, many Gordon Ramsay programs I watch. And there ARE many, many. There’s the travel one, and the prison one, and several cooking ones including two cooking contests, and two different incarnations of the Kitchen Nightmare show. There may be more of which I’m unaware.

That “mean” guy is actually quite funny, and he has a lot of charm on camera. If you watch him for just a few minutes it becomes apparent why he is such a huge reality TV star.

Do you watch Gordon Ramsay reality TV? Do you find him charming as well?

Wendy Clyde

5 thoughts on “Busiest Man on My TV

  1. maggie b

    I don’t watch reality TV at all. There are probably quite a few I could get into but my husband just hates them and can’t stand to have them on.

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  2. LeeB.

    I LOVE MasterChef. Gordon is a LOT nicer on that show than he is on Hell’s Kitchen, which I stopped watching because I couldn’t stand all the contestants (and what’s up with them always smoking — yuck!). But on MasterChef, Gordon is really into the food and is encouraging to the home chefs.

    I also enjoyed the show where he went to various American hotels; definitely know which ones never to visit. :)

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    1. LinnieGayl

      I agree. He’s like a completely different person on MasterChef, and it is more about the food and the perfect technique for things (like that challenge to make the perfect fried egg).

      When I was seriously ill a few years ago I couldn’t really focus on much of anything, and did a lot of channel surfing. The UK version of Kitchen Nightmares caught my attention and I would watch the thing for hours off-and-on. Once I was better I just couldn’t watch it again; too associated with the pain. But that show really allowed me to escape.

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