Interesting Skin Care Regimen

moisturizerI had an interesting run-in while grocery shopping the other day. I was walking by one of those sample give-away booth setups and saw that the featured product was Jergen’s lotion. My hands were dry, so I stopped and was hijacked into a long uncomfortable conversation with the woman running the thing. I don’t know if she was manic or bipolar or just very, very lonely, but I couldn’t break away without being rude. Thankfully, I stayed to listen because she gave me some great skin care advice.

What she said was that women in their forties start noticing lines and wrinkles and have skin that is prone to breaking out like they’re in their teens again. We start babying our skin and using specialty (expensive) moisturizers unnecessarily. I’m one of those people. I’ve noticed lines, wrinkles and dry patches that didn’t used to be there, and yet I’m more and more sensitive and prone to blemishes. In an effort to find a good soap and moisturizer that doesn’t break me out I’ve spent a good deal of money.

Her advice was this – Use regular soap on your face, Dial, Irish Spring, Ivory, whatever you use on your body, as long as your face gets clean. Then use a regular moisturizer on it, the brand doesn’t matter, as long as it moisturizes well. The reason for this, supposedly, is that when you wash your face your body sends signals for your sebaceous glands to produce oil. If you don’t use a harsher soap to get your face clean you never get rid of that old oil, and then when you add a light moisturizer you’re just applying more clore-plogging compound that isn’t heavy enough to make a difference anyway. If you use a heavy moisturizer right away it interrupts your body’s signal to produce more blemish-causing oil.

She suggested Jergens Intensive Moisture or some such and I thought “no way am I putting that heavy stuff on my face”. But a few days later I was about to use my semi-expensive moisturizer/toner products and found myself reaching for my body lotion instead. I rubbed it in and it felt so good! And I noticed an immediate and dramatic difference.

The product I used was Queen Helene’s Cocoa-Butter Cream hand and body lotion. It costs around $3.99 for about a half-gallon. I use it on my FEET. But that cheap lotion moisturized my face much better than my previous products and had the added benefit of not making me sweat like other facial products do.

I’ve been using this regimen for a couple of weeks now and my skin hasn’t looked this good in years. Furthermore, she was right about the blemishes. I’ve had no new breakouts, and the small ones I did have are almost completely gone. Another benefit is that you only have to use one product. My expensive moisturizer can’t be used around my eyes, so I was using soap, toner, moisturizer and eye serum. The cheap lotion is OK for use around your eyes and doesn’t require a toner.

I’m so grateful I stopped to talk to the lotion saleslady. She made a real difference in my life and will never know. Does anyone else know about this technique? Would you be willing to try it?

8 thoughts on “Interesting Skin Care Regimen

  1. Tee

    I noticed in my late 40s, early 50s that I began to break out similar to what you described in your blog. I went through moisturizers like crazy, then began changing soaps. I tried Dove, Caress, Olay, etc, and still had problems. At the time, before the liquid shower soaps, we used Lever 2000 green soap for our showers. I grabbed a bar for my face one day and loved it and continue to use it. Now at night I only wash with the soap and moisturize. In the morning, I rinse my face in the morning with only water, then moisturize. As far as the moisturizer I use, it’s Neutrogena oil-free for combination skin, with no sun blockers, which also appear to irritate my face. It’s a simple regimen and it works for me.

    1. Wendy AAR Post author

      Maybe its the soap that’s the big secret then? I tried all the soaps you mentioned, plus Italian olive oil soap, and several different face washes.

  2. LeeB.

    I’ve been using Neutrogena soap on my face for years and use Clinique lotion as a moisturizer. Works for me. And I also use lots of sunscreen and/or hats when it’s sunny.

    1. Wendy AAR Post author

      Yeah. I’m going to have to do something about sunscreen pretty soon. Maybe the body lotion is going to have to be a winter regimen.

  3. Patty

    I wash my face in the am with whatever soap is in the shower – Lever 2000 at the moment and then use plain Aveno lotion. Some mornings I just rinse my face with water and use a little Aveno. Keeps my face looking good and free from breakouts.

  4. Britta B.

    I often say that I was lucky to have grown up in a country that didn’t have advertising/marketing. We didn’t get talked into using all kinds of products and gadgets ‘-) I use soap in the shower (Kiss My Face brand, because it’s locally produced and only has a few ingredients and I can actually pronounce them.) In the summer I don’t even use moisturizer on my body, only a light one on my face (drugstore brand). In the winter I do have to lotion up my body otherwise it itches at inopportune moments. I use an olive-oil based hand creme actually, even for my face. Again, it has pronounceable and very few ingredients. Whenever I go home to Germany I load up on both products :-), in case anyone is interested.

  5. Caz

    I’m very lucky in that I have olive skin which seems to wrinkle less than some of my friends who have more of a bog-standard ‘English’ colouring, so if I ever needed to lie about my age and shave off about 10 years, I could probably get away with it!

    I don’t like to use soap on my face now though, as it dries it out too much; I just use an ‘own-brand’ face wash and a scrub once a week. I go for Avon or Olay or Nivea when it comes to face creams. They don’t make me break out in a rash and don’t break the bank.

  6. Herta

    I simply use a mild face cleanser and olive oil as moisturizer. Sounds greasy but its not. In fact the olive oil has cut down on dry patches and ecsema.

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