Earworm of the day: Chile lindo by Omara Portuondo

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnCGJyeSYWo[/youtube]I love Omara Portuondo’s CD Dos Gardenias, from which this version of Chile lindo is taken. My favorite song on it is actually Gracias a la vida, but as I was unable to find a decent-sounding version on YouTube, and Chile lindo comes a close second, here it is!

I understand very little Spanish, so I don’t understand the text. But I love the music, the voice and the rendering of the song.

What songs in the Spanish language do you like especially?

– Rike Horstmann

3 thoughts on “Earworm of the day: Chile lindo by Omara Portuondo

  1. Rosario

    Oh, that’s nice. It’s a paean to the country of Chile. It starts “Please help me, my friend, to shout out a “Viva Chile”! :)

    Gracias a la Vida is a beautiful song as well. How about these two versions? First the original, Violeta Parra version:

    And then this cover by Mercedes Sosa, which is probably the version I heard the most growing up:

    I especially like a Spanish singer from the 70s, Nino Bravo. He’s got a song called Libre (Free), which just hits me in the gut.
    Every time I hear it I tear up, because it makes me miss my dad. Back when I still lived in Uruguay, he and I used to sit and listen to his Nino Bravo record together. In fact, I think I’ll ring him now :) Anyway, I also like several others of Nino Bravo’s, like Un Beso y Una Flor and America.

    More modern stuff, completely different: I love Clara, by a band called No Te Va Gustar, especially the second half of the song where they incorporate some “murga”, which is a traditional Uruguayan choral genre. The official version is here:
    but my favourite is a live version, where they bring in a singer from another band, and they do a sort of medley of Clara and another song, Cosa Linda, which is also great.

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  2. Pat

    Rike, like you, I don’t understand or speak Spanish, even after having taken a few semesters of it. But I love to listen to songs sung in Spanish. My all-time favorite group is Los Lobos, and I agree that Omara Portuondo, who I first heard sing in the Wim Winders documentary The Buena Vista Social Club, is wonderful.

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