Happy Thanksgiving America!

Our Canadian neighbors celebrated on October 8 but today is Thanksgiving in America. This year I am thankful for my precious family, friends and a mom who buys ham. I hate turkey. No, seriously, I hate the stuff. I am looking forward to pigging out on stuffing, broccoli cheese casserole and a myriad of other dishes. I know I am very fortunate for the food that will be sitting on the table and for the people that will be sitting around it. I don’t really have it easy but I definitely have it good. I am glad that a day is set aside every year to remind me to be grateful for that.

My family doesn’t have any special traditions; we celebrate with a meal and by just being together. I don’t shop on Black Friday but instead spend the whole weekend with those I love. We play board games, go to movies, eat and hang out till we are sick of each other What about you? How do you celebrate the holiday?

– Maggie AAR

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving America!

  1. Leigh

    I worked today, tomorrow and Friday, Saturday. I ate hospital food (free) for Thanksgiving lunch, and while it wasn’t wonderful, it wasn’t bad.

    Just hearing about Hostess, and other companies, I am thankful that I do have a job.

    I don’t have immediate family close but I am thankful for the good friends that I have.

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