If I had $20,000 …

Blue IcebergsI would go to Antarctica.  It looks so COOL.  (Absolutely no pun intended.  I swear.)

Why $20,000, you ask?  Because $10,000 isn’t enough to go to Antarctica the way I want to.  There’s no such thing as budget option, might as well go the whole hog.  So I made it $20,000, which includes a few days either way in Chile and Tierra del Fuego, plus the ship’s lodgings and the tours and kayaking, and the plane ticket.  Fun for the whole family.

What would you do with $20,000?

– Jean AAR

6 thoughts on “If I had $20,000 …

  1. Katie Mack

    If I had $20K, I’d pay off my student loans. If I had another $20K, I’d go someplace fun. Where that “someplace fun” might be, I’m not sure. A couple of years ago it would have been Yelapa, a sleepy little fishing village in Mexico. What attracted me to Yelapa when I first heard about it was that it is only accessible by boat — at least, that was the case a few years ago.

    Visitors fly into Puerto Vallarta, and hop on a canoe ferry to travel up the coast. Then you hike up your pants, throw your bags over your shoulders, and walk through the last few feet of ocean and up the beach to arrive in Yelapa. Just the imagery of that made me want to go. I wanted to go even more when I discovered that most sleeping arrangements are privately-owned open-air palapas, where one sleeps in hammocks or whatnot with the ocean air blowing through. There’s not much to do other than relax, fish, swim, or hike, and I think that’s a lot of what appeals to me. So often I need a vacation after my vacation because I’ve spent the week running around trying to cram a bunch of stuff in. Not having anything to do but relax sounds like heaven.

    Unfortunately, a couple of years ago NPR featured Yelapa in a segment on little-known vacation spots, so now it’s probably overrun with tourists, thus destroying my dreams of (relative) isolation and relaxation.

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  2. AAR Heather

    Katie, I was thinking the same thing – pay off student loans. I’ll have to really think about the “fun” part.
    Good question, Jean.

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  3. JulieLeto

    Put in a pool. I live in Florida, for Pete’s sake, and we don’t have one. All my neighbors do and that’s where my daughter swims, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to put on a swimsuit and hang out in someone else’s backyard. It is my dream…but it’s not a necessity…hence, no pool.

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