So You Think You Can Dance: Shocked?


I’ve so enjoyed this season of SYTYCD. I continue to believe that this season’s top 20 and top 10 are the best yet. In fact,the quality is so evenly dispersed, that it took me a really long time to pick a favorite.

But, this week, I finally settled on Janette as my favorite dancer. Trained in salsa, she showed an amazing ability to excel at every dance thrown at her this season. Through it all, she brought an incredibly joyful attitude to the dance. I really thought she would make it to the top four, and was completely shocked on Thursday when she was voted off.Nigel said that she was his favorite (as had Mia on Wednesday), and thought America got it wrong. Until Ade and Melissa did their breast cancer survivor dance (which I truly did enjoy), I was convinced Melissa would be going home this week.

Despite having liked her throughout most of the season, I thought Jeanine had relatively weak performances this week, and I expected her to be in the bottom two.

I enjoyed Jason as well, but not as much as Janette, so am not quite as upset this he was voted off. That being said, I’m starting to get nervous about Evan. While he’s entertaining, he just isn’t the dancer some of the others are. I expected him to be in the bottom two, and once again, he wasn’t. Is it possible he has such a huge following, he’ll end up in the top four?

Are you watching? Were you happy about the results?

3 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance: Shocked?

  1. Erica

    No not happy because I didn’t like Janette at first and she really grew on me because of her versatility. Should have been Jeanine cut, she was heavy and slow in her Wed night dances. I think Jason was a little on the quieter side in terms of personality and that’s what got him cut- but he is much more fabulously talented than Evan. I have loved Evan since last year when he didn’t make it, but it’s become more clear that he doesn’t quite have it to go all the way. I haven’t been that impressed with the girls this year overall, so I really want to see Ade or Brandon get there.

    And the Katie Holmes crap was gratuitous and took away time they could have used to highlight a Season 4 dance.

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  2. LinnieGayl

    Erica, I’m with you. I would have preferred more highlights from past seasons, and no Katie Holmes.

    I was trying to think of a way to describe Jeanine’s dances this week, and heavy and slow is exactly it. She really should have been in the bottom two, and not Janette.

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  3. Katie Mack

    I too am really disappointed that Janette was voted off. She was my favorite, for all the reasons listed above: versatility, energy, attitude, ability. I was stunned that not only was she in the bottom two, but was voted off.

    Equally stunned that Evan wasn’t in the bottom two. He’s a great dancer in his own style, but he’s just not as good as either Jason or Brandon overall. That Evan is still on and seems to be a fan favorite reminds me of Benji from Season 2, who wasn’t the most versatile dancer but was a crowd favorite. Although I seem to remember Benji being more versatile than Evan, and I loved his personality and attitude so much that I voted for him in the end, even though Travis was probably the better overall dancer.

    I loved Melissa and Ade’s breast cancer dance, and I’m sure that if it hadn’t been for that dance, they would have been the ones to go home given the voting in the past weeks. I think that unless they get another “wow” dance next week, they’ll be going home next week.

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