Mix it Up!

Maggie first talked about Gangnam Style in her September blog. I am not sure who to give credit to for this mashup. David Haglund wrote about it on SLATE but YouTube says it is by FAROFF. Anyway somebody decided that this song would work perfectly with the 1984 Ghostbusters theme song by Ray Parker, Jr. Who thinks of these things?YouTube Preview Image

It is definitely different. But it does bring back good memories of Ghostbusters (although I not sure I would still love it)

What do you think?

- – Leigh AAR

2 Responses to “Mix it Up!”

  1. LeeB. says:

    I prefer the real Ghostbusters theme.

  2. maggie b. says:

    Who does think of these things? Crazy.

    On another note, I still like Ghostbusters the movies. It’s fun. :-)

    maggie b.