Halloween – Coming Soon

You know I haven’t baked anything for a Halloween party in what seems like forever. Looking for recipes I was amazed at some of the creations. ┬áThis is tame by comparison to many (brain cookies will be coming later if I can figure out how to show the picture).

There are different videos available for severed finger cookies on YouTube but I picked this one because I liked the instructor’s voice plus it seems pretty easy.


Speaking of easy, this one looks extremely simple and colorful. ┬áJust don’t hold the instructor against me.


Do you have some great decorative desserts for Halloween? If so I would love to hear about them.

– – Leigh AAR

3 thoughts on “Halloween – Coming Soon

  1. Blythe

    This is way fancier than I usually get. I tend to stick to pumpkin shaped sure cookies, which is make every year. I did once make little spiders for book club. I think they were chocolate covered marshmallows with pretzel legs.

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  2. maggie b.

    OK, I feel like a slacker. I do cupcakes with orange frosting and a piece of candy (normally candy corn or candy pumpkins) on top. For me, Halloween is all about the candy.

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