Skyfall by Adele


I saw a lot of chatter on the web about the new Adele release Skyfall Рwhich is the theme to the new James Bond movie by the same name.

I found it pretty, but very “Bond-ish” sounding so it is nothing that I plan to rush out and buy.

What do you think?  Is it a must have for your Adele collection?

And in case you are an avid Bond fan here is a trailer for the movie.


– Leigh AAR

5 thoughts on “Skyfall by Adele

  1. maggie b.

    It has a very James Bond feel. It has a very sad undercurrent, doesn’t it?
    I watched the first Daniel Craig Bond movie but haven’t gotten to the second one yet. I hear it is very good. Maybe I’ll take some time now that the third is coming out.

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  2. Sotheara

    I’m a huge James Bond fan. Today is the 50th Anniversary of the franchise! I definitely added this song to my “James Bond” music collection. I’m very glad the the producers asked her to sing the theme because she’s so talented. She has the “voice” for that kind of music. (I’m also very excited to see the movie in November.)

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