On vacation in Southern Bavaria, part 3

12Sta072No report of visiting Bavaria is complete without mentioning the food.  It’s just that delicious! When I speak of Bavarian food, what I really mean is Southern German and Austrian food, because reciped have been traded in these regions for centuries, local cuisines have enriched each other and the result is a variety of cooking that is similar in all these areas.

I want to begin with the beer, because no proper Bavarian would dream of sitting down for a full meal without a beer. There are several sorts, most important Pils, Helles (similar to but not the same as lager), and Weißbier. For those who try to avoid alcohol, there is alcohol-reduced beer and alcohol-free beer these days. I prefer the latter; when we went to Oktoberfest last weekend and I ordered some there, my husband was quite shocked it was actually available! Alcohol-free beer used to be scoffed at by almost everybody, but’s it’s been discovered recently to serve very well as a wholly natural energy-drink which does not have too many calories either, so it’s quite popular right now! But to get the real experience, I suggest you try a pint of Helles. Lovely tasting beer, and not easily available outside Southern Bavaria.

For food, if you want a cold snack I can only recommend Obazda, which I have blogged about before. For a warm meal my husband likes Schweinsbraten (roast pork) best, while I prefer Kasspatzen (also known as Kässpätzle) with fried onions (see below).


You never ever consider counting calories while you are eating Bavarian cuisine. Instead you sit down and enjoy!

– Rike Horstmann

3 thoughts on “On vacation in Southern Bavaria, part 3

  1. LeeB.

    Well I don’t drink at all so I wouldn’t even try alcohol free beer. I’ve smelled beer once and ewww! However, when visiting Germany I did enjoy the pastries and breads.

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  2. Audrey

    Oh, the food! My mouth is watering. My mother’s family was from Bavaria and we didn’t have spaetzle so much as kloss. With roladen and rotkohl. That’s it, I’m heading for the grocery store today. With the weather getting colder, I’m starting to feel more like winter food and this would be a delicious way to start.

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