Man, I cried, and died, laughing.

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I know I’m one year late, but I just discovered this video this summer.  Yes, I know it’s highly probable the original eHarmony video is a hoax, but it’s frickin’ hilarious anyway.  After watching this several times (my colleagues this summer were really into it), some things came to mind:

  1. The actual cat footage is super adorable, and genius.
  2. I don’t think I’ll listen to another radio hit without wondering if it has been Songified.  That app is scary good.
  3. Someone has too much time on their hands.  And for that, thanks for some laughs.

- Jean AAR

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3 Responses to “Man, I cried, and died, laughing.”

  1. Leigh says:

    So have your songified your life? I had to look it up after your blog –

  2. Jean Wan says:

    Haven’t songified my life because I don’t have a mobile device, but my colleague tried it at work, and I can testify – that app is smart. And scary. Now I can’t listen to a song on the radio without suspicion.

  3. Leigh says:

    Arrrrrrrrrrrh, this songify cat lady’s words have become an ear worm. I keep hearing over and over . . . I love cats. I have even sang it a couple of times much to the dismay of my five dogs.