Summer Time is Pool Time


We swim almost all year long at the indoor pool here in town. Summer adds a whole new dimension to our swimming though. That is when beaches, waterparks and outdoor pools also become viable options for when we want to take a dip.

It wasn’t till this year, though, that I realized something and that is the social makeup of the people at the pool/beach. Teens and children/families are at every possible watering location. But adults sans kids apparently only use indoor pools to exercise. You will never see a group of adults at our indoor pool just hanging out swimming. You will, on the other hand, find them in abundance at the outdoor pool we frequent. There they sit in lounge chairs and talk in between short dips in the pool. At the local “beach” you will find them having picnics and frolicking in the water on hot days. You will even find some at the water parks. I just couldn’t help but find that interesting. What is it about the indoor pool that keeps them away? Chlorine? Noise?

Regardless of age, I think swimming can be great fun. What about you? Do you frequent the pool in the summer? Have one in your back yard? Use one at a local gym for exercise?

– Maggie AAR

6 thoughts on “Summer Time is Pool Time

  1. LeeB.

    I used to swim two-three times a week at the YWCA pool but burned out after several years. But I did enjoy swimming a lot. I swam laps after work. Usually indoor pools have specific times for classes or free swims or lap swims. Maybe that’s why adults don’t hang out at indoor pools.

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  2. CindyS

    We have one in our backyard and I have said I will never be without a pool again. Too bad we have to close it during the winter – I often wish we lived where I could have the pool all year round.

    The thing about indoor pools is the overwhelming smell of chlorine and the kids screaming and jumping on you while you’re trying to swim. I have had people land on top of me so yeah, I only go there to swim laps and there are only certain times for that.


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  3. Audrey

    We recently bought a vacation home in Las Vegas which has a pool in the backyard. Being from Canada, pools are not common and so swimming is generally in indoor pools or the lake in the summer. I hadn’t been swimming in ages because I hate being seen in a bathing suit and I don’t like going into cool water. But when we were down in July, we swam daily, often more than once. Oh, the heaven it is to go from that kind of heat into the cool water, in the privacy of your own backyard.

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  4. maggie b.

    Lee, swimming is an amazing work out, isn’t it? Our pool has times for everything, including an afternoon play time. But I agree with Cindy S – the kids do tend to get wild and it is just not a good time.

    Cindy and Audrey – we live in Wisconsin and have given serious thought to an indoor pool. While I love outdoor pools, realistically it is a short season up here and if we put a pool in our backyard we will want to have it in a building of some sort. The price is steep though. Right now we are making do with club memberships which give us access to both indoor and outdoor pools. I love being able to swim everyday. There’s just something amazingly fun and relaxing about it.

    maggie b.

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  5. Leigh

    I am just not a swimmer. I took lessons when I was around eight or nine, but I just remember it being cold – I lived in the mountains and the high summer temperature was 80 – so usually it was in the mid 70’s. And the pools weren’t heated. I used to love when we went on vacation and had heated pools or warmer climate.

    I haven’t been swimming in ages.

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