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In case you haven’t heard Michael Phelps has possibly put his medals in jeopardy because an ad campaign he did for Louis Vuitton that was leaked early.

Quoting from this YARDBARKER article:

Phelps’ photos break a new IOC regulation called Rule 40, which prohibits athletes from appearing in ads for non-Olympic sponsors during the Games (July 18-Aug. 15). Louis Vuitton, for the record, was not an Olympic sponsor, thus potentially opening Phelps up to punishment. If the IOC determines that Phelps violated the rule, the sanctions could include fines and the stripping of medals, according to CNBC.com.”

While I don’t begrudge Michael the fame, I sure hope that his quest for money hasn’t impacted his metals. It would be a shame to have done all that hard work and it be for nothing.

Of course I don’t have any plans to buy Louis Vuitton products now or in the near future unless I happen to win a lottery worth millions.  So this campaign does nothing for me. However I do question the use of celebrities to endorse products. It seems so strange that companies jump on the latest “it” person.  But there is plenty of data out there to prove that celebrity endorsements do work.  Still, I have to tell you that I while I am glad that Phelps won this year, seeing him doesn’t inspire me to want to buy any product.  But that is the same with most celebrities.

I will admit that I did buy Oprah’s chef Rosie’s cookbook because of Oprah.  I have bought Martha Stewart products but only because they coordinated not because of Martha.  I do have cookware by a chef – but I couldn’t even tell you which one now.

I am more apt not to buy a product because of the celebrity. I can tell you this I never will buy anything endorsed by the Kardashians.

Having a advertising  campaign that is unique affects my buying decision more than a superstar.

How about you – do you remember ads more if they have a celebrity?  If not, what does make you remember a product?


And just for fun – here are some of the more embarrassing celebrity commercials


– Leigh AAR

6 thoughts on “Celebrity Endorsements

  1. maggie b.

    I don’t remember celebrity ads unless they are Will Shatner ones. He does a great job as the Priceline Negotiator. That isn’t his celebrity though, that is him playing a part and playing it well.

    I will be deeply saddened if Phelps loses the medals over a technicality. It sounds like the ads were leaked early, meaning they were not intended to be used during the Olympics so I would think he did not violate with intent.
    The loss of the medals I imagine would be a horrible thing for him given how hard he had to work for them.

    Just on a personal note – Michael is sort of a screw up. This isn’t his first brush with bad press. I think the advantage to that is two fold. 1) he reminds us that for all their achievemnets gold medal winners our humans 2)It shows others of us who screw up (meaning all of us) that we can dust ourselves off and keep trying. That is what he has done with great success.

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  2. LeeB.

    I doubt if Phelps will lose his medals either. He didn’t like the photo and neither supposedly did Louis Vuitton. And the International Olympic Committee already does stupid things (like go after anyone who uses the word “Olympics”) so adding something even more stupid to their agenda would not be a good thing.

    As for other celebrity endorsements, remember when Kelly Brock (Stephen Seagal’s wife) used to say “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”? I vowed never to buy anything by that shampoo maker.

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  3. Leigh

    I take that back – just recently Jamie Lee Curtis did an add for Activia breakfast yogurt and I thought I need to try that. Of course it helps that I already like Activia (and no I don’t need it I like the taste). Plus I do like Jamie Lee – she is not afraid to take risk and show the public who she really is.

    Michael Phelps doesn’t impress me. I appreciate his athletic ability but as far as him being the face of Louis Vuitton – I don’t see it. Of course his bong will fit in the bag – just kidding.

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  4. Leigh

    His agent has come out saying the same thing as you guys – that he didn’t release them and hadn’t even approved them.

    Honestly I just think I have a bias against athletes. Beckman, Kobe supposedly cheated on their wives – which I know some (probably most) men don’t think anything about – but it does say something to me about character. In Maggie’s words -Phelps comes across as a screw up – but supposedly he is being marketed as the new Sean Connery.

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