Goodbye to the Olympic Games

[youtube][/youtube]Although I only watched the competitions now and then, I enjoyed the Olympic Games in London hugely. By all accounts, they were especially happy and friendly, and I think you could sense that even from the TV screens.

Those people I know who actually attended an event or two were wildly enthusiastic, and all Brits I talked to were equally relieved nothing untoward happened.

The events I enjoyed most were running and canooing, while my husband discovered an unexpected delight in taekwondo.

In honor of the Olympics, yesterday I re-watched Chariots of Fire. It’s an excellent movie about British athletes in Paris in 1924, and if you haven’t seen it, I can highly recommend it! One of the melodies that was used during several ceremonies during the London Olympics is from the movie’s score by Vangelis.

What did you enjoy best about these Olympic Games?

– Rike Horstmann

One thought on “Goodbye to the Olympic Games

  1. LeeB.

    I started missing the Olympics on Monday. Oh well, two more years till the Winter Olympics.

    I was able to see some of the women’s trampoline, most of the gold medal match in men’s tennis, the bronze medal match in women’s volleyball (South Korea v. Japan) and the last two quarters of the men’s basketball gold medal game (USA v. Spain).

    I LOVE London so it was fun to see places I had been, not just there but in the surrounding areas where other events were held. And yes, so happy it was a safe and really popular Games. Whew!

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