Escape from Gosselin Island and Trampire


I never watched Kate on any of her shows.  I do have an impression of her though and maybe this is why I find this rather humorous.

And if you one of the many that can’t  get enough about the Kristen Stewart and the Robert Pattinson breakup  then check this out.


– Leigh AAR

3 thoughts on “Escape from Gosselin Island and Trampire

  1. maggie b.

    LOL! Just what I needed after a long drive and arriving to 106 degree weather.

    Not a fan of Kate, so I found that funny. Love Will Ferrell’s take on the youtube video from the twifan.

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  2. CindyS

    Gosselin Island – awesome. I did watch some of her shows and I got the very big impression that she was a tyrant and her way was the right way. Of course, with the hubby she had, I can see why she needed to be like that. I do feel bad for all of them but yeah, no more reality TV for them.

    And The View showed an actual Twilight fan sobbing in front of her computer about how Stewart could have done such a thing to Pattinson. I was laughing and at the same time weirded out that someone would post that of themselves.

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