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IMG_0275How do you find out about new products? Are you current, or do new products slip by you? A few months ago I complained to a friend that my doctor wants me to take a multivitamin and calcium pill each day. I commented that the multivitamins taste so bad, and the pills are so big, that I virtually never take the stupid things. Her immediate response was, “Why don’t you buy the gummy vitamins?” What? There are gummy vitamins? I’d never heard of the things.

I’ll admit I was skeptical, but picked up both the gummy vitamins and gummy calcium. I was amazed. I love them. I haven’t missed a day of taking the recommended dose of either one since I bought the gummy versions. Not only do I take them every day, I have to resist taking more than the daily requirements; they taste that good. I have cravings for them most days mid-afternoon and wish I could take more. Good thing the bottles have warnings about exceeding the recommended dosage.

A few weeks ago an update appeared on my Facebook wall announcing that the local Whole Foods was now carrying PB2, a powdered version of peanut butter. Lower in calories and fat than regular peanut butter, the notice claimed you could add it in recipes and create a wonderful peanut butter taste. Once again I was skeptical, but decided to pick up a jar. I love peanut butter in steel cut oats, but it adds a lot of calories, and is often difficult to stir in. As soon as I got home I made a big batch of steel cut oats and added a few tablespoons of PB2. It was wonderful! I’m looking forward to making spicy peanut sauce for stir fries using PB2 and am trying to think of other ways to use it.

I’ve been thinking about these “new” finds a lot the last week, and worrying about getting older and not knowing what “the latest and best” new products are. Before the internet and before DVR it was pretty straight-forward. I saw commercials for new products on TV, and read or saw about new products in print magazines and newspapers. Thanks to my DVR I rarely watch any TV commercials. If I’m watching “live,” I’ll just pause the DVR for about 10-15 minutes and then fast-forward through all of the remaining commercials. And I only rarely pick up print magazines or newspapers. Pretty much all my reading is done selectively on the web.

Sure, I see those annoying ads on my Facebook wall. But for the most part I ignore them. But all this modern communication may mean I’m not finding out about the latest and greatest new products. I’m not one to wander through every aisle in a grocery store,  drugstore, or big box store. I go in with a list, locate what I need, and get out. While this saves me money and time, I’m probably missing out on all kinds of new wonder products.

Have you discovered any great new products lately (and I cringe to think just how long gummy vitamins and PB2 have actually been around)? If you have, what are your favorite new products? And how do you keep current with new products? Or don’t you care?


6 thoughts on “My New Favorite Things

  1. CindyS

    *lol* I’m afraid I’m in the same boat. I rarely watch live TV anymore and am sometimes surprised by funny commercials I have missed or notices about a new show coming on.

    I knew about gummy vitamins but only because I take vitamins during the winter months and when I’m presented with something new to me, I tend to browse the shelf. After that though I’m a brand ho. Nutrogena, Always, Bayer, Herbel Essenses have a great friend in me. So I don’t really branch out unless something is not working for me – then look out, the brand has lost me for longer than they thought (was a Royale loving woman until they were bought by another company – I think it’s Cottonelle now but ugh, no thanks)

    My so called newest thing is real juice popsicles by Del Monte – had no idea such a thing existed but whenever I decide to have one I feel like I’ve done something good for my body and they taste like a dessert.

    I do miss browsing though. I went to an actual bookstore the other day and bought 4 new books that I didn’t know were out in the market because I buy electronic books now. When I was buying them I thought about buying them in digital but I knew I would forget the names by the time I got home.

    Oops, I think I’m onto shopping habits ;)


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  2. LinnieGayl AAR Post author

    CindyS, that sounds exactly like me. When I find a brand I like I stick with it, until they change the formula (I’m talking about you Crest toothpaste!) or discontinue the product.

    Now that the big Borders has closed in town, the only “real” bookstores I visit are the local mystery bookstore and once in awhile a local independent store for signings. I tend to buy lots of my mysteries in print versions, mainly to support the local store, but everything else is audio or digital. And yes, I too sometimes miss out on books because I no longer browse the aisles.

    Those frozen juice popsicles are good! I must pick some up again.

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  3. LeeB.

    I think a good way to find out about new products is, if you buy the Sunday newspaper, to look at the coupon inserts. Many companies offer $.50 or $1.00 off new products.

    Otherwise, I’m like both Cindy and LinnieGayl, I buy what I know and have used forever.

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  4. Missie

    When I have some time, I roam the aisles of the stores — end-caps often have the newest and most innovative things, as well as clearance items…and even when I have a list in hand, I check to the left, right, above, and below — that’s how I find product variations and new items.

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  5. LinnieGaylAAR

    Missie, I’d never thought about the ends of the aisles having new products. I’m going to have to start paying attention to that.

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