Pretty soon, I’ll be packing up my bags and moving again.  This time last year, I was on my way to Mobile, Alabama.  Now, I’m off to Nashville, Tennessee.

First, let me assure you: I have no aspirations to be a country music star.  Quite the opposite, actually; I am extremely picky with country music.  Of course, I have been reassured that Nashville is much bigger than that, both regarding music and as a whole.

I’m actually doing another year of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, the program that brought me to Alabama.  In Nashville, I’ll be working with a re-entry program that helps felons leaving prison.

I’m excited about my work, but I’m also excited to be living in a new city, one that is a bit bigger than Mobile — which sometimes feels more like a small town than a small city.  The New York Times had an article about the food scene in my future neighborhood which makes me hungry and eager to eat out. A lot.

What do you recommend for someone going to Nashville — aside from the country music scene?  I know there’s a lot more out there, and I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and suggestions!

7 thoughts on “Nashville-bound

  1. LeeB.

    Visited Nashville a long time ago so no current recommendations from me. But just wanted to say good luck on your new adventure!

  2. LinnieGaylAAR

    I visited nashville a long time ago as well (conference there) and remember a marvelous history museum downtown, as well as some great restaurants.

  3. tracega

    Love Nashville, big city with a small town feel. Country music capital yes, but so much more. Some of the best Americana, Christian, Rock, actually across all music genres hail from Nashville. Smaller venues such 3rd & Lindsley, 12th & Porter, and the Exit In may offer something you’d be interested in.

  4. AARPat

    Food! Southern food–grits, biscuits, BBQ, collard greens, the works! And pie. Most of it not expensive at all. Happy eating!

  5. Minerva

    You are going to love it. I lived in Nashville for about a year. The music scene is fabulous – lots of free or cheap concerts for just about every kind of music. I was an avowed country music snob until some of the local bands changed my mind. There are lots of funky neighborhoods with great off-the-wall kinds of shopping. Don’t even get me started on the food….

    The only downside for me was lack of mass transit. You need a car to get around and explore all the great things in the area and in the city.

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