Sherlock, Series 2 – LOVED It


Right now, Sherlock is the only thing I watch on TV.  Name any other show, new program, serial, mini-series, and the answer is no.  (I tried Downton Abbey, but sorry folks – not interested.)  But for Sherlock, I am on tenterhooks.  For Sherlock, I could curse the 18-month wait until the next one.  I couldn’t wait until Series 2 was broadcast in Canada – the minute it was up on iTunes, I bought it.  And I loved it.

If you haven’t seen BBC’s Sherlock, then I suggest you stop and hie yourself to Netflix or something for the first season.  What I loved about the first series – cracking dialogue, fantastic character growth, and a shivery pleasure in spinning the Conan Doyle canon – was replicated in the second one.  It would take ages for me to talk about everything I loved about the second series, but here are a few:

  • The emotional wallop.  Geez, they sure don’t pull their punches.  “Scandal in Belgravia” had rocketing sexual tension, “Hound of Baskerville” made me close my eyes, and I cried at the end of the “The Reichenbach Fall”.
  • Martin Freeman.  I think he is absolutely fantastic as John Watson, and although the second series is, in some ways, more about Sherlock, you really see him coming into his own as Sherlock’s equal.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch.  I thought he balanced Sherlock’s humanity and coldness perfectly.
  • Andrew Scott.  Okay, so I had doubts about his character at the end of the first series, but his performance in “Scandal” and “Reichenbach” is sinister, freaky, cold-blooded, and genuinely off-the-charts crazy – in a good way.

I’ll stop there, because otherwise I could go on for pages.  Have you seen the second season of Sherlock?  What did you think?

– Jean AAR

6 thoughts on “Sherlock, Series 2 – LOVED It

  1. LeeB.

    Haven’t watched Sherlock (though an episode was on the other night on my hotel tv — in German) bur am surprised you didn’t like Downton Abbey.

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  2. Jean AAR Post author

    Lee, I watched the first season of DA, after hearing all the hype and prepared to have my mind blown – I was hoping for something like Gosford Park, only better. I honestly can’t say I was hooked, or was very impressed. Didn’t bother watching the second season. I know it’s immensely popular on both sides of the channel, but….I don’t know. Not my cuppa.

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  4. AAR Sandy

    There is good stuff on TV, Jean. If you’re not open to it, I understand, but there is good stuff on TV. Personally, I think the greatness of DA was largely overblown. There was certainly better period stuff in the past from the BBC. As an example, Mad Men is totally fantastic and is more and more rewarding to viewers the more you watch.

    I loved Sherlock, too. I have the last two episodes on my DVR. Just waiting for the perfect moment.

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  5. Denise

    I like Benedict Cumberbatch a great deal, and I enjoyed the show, though I think they missed their chance with the end of Series 2. When the original stories were published, there was no sense of Holmes looking on while Watson grieved. I think the producers should have been braver in terms of the cliffhanger and not shown Sherlock at the cemetery. Then we would have been at the same place that Doyle’s original audience would have been (thinking/wondering if they were following the original books with respect to the ending). The only reason I can think of that they went ahead and showed Sherlock looking on was that there’s some question of whether the series will return. After all, Cumberbatch’s star is rising pretty quickly now; he might have other obligations (as Martin Freeman might after The Hobbit comes out). I do hope the show will return.

    I did not think this run was a good as the first series. I think it kind of unfair to make Irene Adler into a sex worker when she was an opera singer and adventuress in the stories. I did like that she seemed to actually be a spy at times. I also did not understand the political machinations in the stories, and I don’t like what they did with Mycroft’s character. Also, “Jimmy” Moriarity”? Come on. And in the books, Moriarity is a criminal genius, not a psychopath. That just undermines him. (Though I do think the last episode of Series 2 was the best of the bunch. I particularly liked the way the writers played with not only the original series but also the Rathbone/Bruce movie “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” which is the only place you see Moriarity trying to steal the Royal Jewels–it’s not in the Holmes stories.)

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