Complicated song titles

[youtube][/youtube]The song title that got me started on this topic is not even real, it’s fictional: In Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone mysteries, Sharon’s brother-in-law Ricky Savage is a country star, and his first big hit in the novels is called Cobwebs in the Attic of My Mind. For some reason, this song title has been sticking with me all morning and got me thinking about real-life songs that have long and complicated titles, like The Police’s Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic or A-Ha’s Here I Stand and Face the Rain.

I believe Marcia Muller was poking gentle fun at song titles when she invented the title of Ricky’s song. But do they work in real life? Do you like such titles, or do you think they are pretentious or over-the-top?

– Rike Horstmann

5 thoughts on “Complicated song titles

  1. Leigh

    Honestly, I rarely remember the title unless it is really out there like “She Thinks My Tractor Is Sexy” I remember hearing this title and thinking you have to be kidding. . .of course the song not much better.

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  2. LeeB.

    I love that song Leigh!

    Many country songs have humorous titles and I like them. Very witty and/or ridiculous but usually they bring a smile to my face or make me roll my eyes.

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  3. maggie b.

    LOL, Leigh. . My favorite song with a complicated title is “Tequilla Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”. At first I thought this was some kind of date rape number but it’s not that at all. The song is funny and sorta sweet.

    My favorite fake title for a song is the title of both a book and a song. Dixie Cash “”Since You’re Leaving Anyway, Take out the Trash”. One of the characters in the book wrote this country music number in honor of the husband who walked out on her.

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