Earworm of the Day: Apologize


I’ve heard this song (Apologize by Timbaland) dozens of times but for some reason hearing it last week on the radio got it stuck in my head. I disagree with the artist – I don’t think it is ever too late to apologize. You may not restore the relationship but saying I’m sorry (and meaning it) at least keeps the door open for a future reconciliation. For me it is not the lyrics that are the draw, though. It is the lovely, haunting melody and soulful singing. It reminds me of times I wish I had apologized and recalls relationships in which I wish I had received an apology.

So what is your earworm of the day? week?

– Maggie AAR

9 thoughts on “Earworm of the Day: Apologize

  1. Kayne

    One Republic is one of my favorite bands. I was shopping at an Eastern Europe Outdoor Market when I heard their song Stop and Stare being played over the speakers. I shared this with the band member that wrote the song. He said one time he heard it playing in a grocery store in Africa. His success story is fun. He was not the best student in high school when he told his family he was going to try and make it in a rock band, and it was special when he returned to play in his home town. He is thankful for getting to travel around the world and I enjoyed hearing stories about the famous people he’s met. I hope their new album comes out soon.

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  2. HeatherS AAR

    I’ve had 3 on heavy rotation in my head all week. The Civil Wars’ “Poison and Wine,” Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” and Gavin Degraw’s “Not Over You.” Thank heavens they’re all songs I like! I’m sensing a relationship downer theme here though.

    I heard One Republic doing a stripped down version of Apologize on an acoustic radio show last weekend. It was nice.

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