Prepping for the Oscars

moviesLast month Dabney talked about her resolution to go to one movie a month. I go in streaks with movies. I’ll go for months, sometimes years, without seeing any current films in the theater. And during those periods I’ll only catch the occasional movie on TV. Then, a movie will come out that reminds me how much I love movies and I’m back on track, watching at least one movie a week, or more, in the theaters.

I was in a bit of a movie slump for most of 2011. I saw the last Harry Potter movie, but that’s it. Then a couple friends convinced me that as someone who likes to visit Paris, I really should see Midnight in Paris. I used to love Woody Allen movies but gave up on him years ago. Still, I trusted these friends’ opinions so gave it a chance. It was too late to catch it in a theater so I watched on video. Even though I usually find Owen Wilson annoying, I really enjoyed the movie. And amazingly, that was all it took. Suddenly my interest in seeing movies was rekindled.

With the Academy Awards coming up in just a few weeks (now just one week) I decided to focus on catching up with movies that have been nominated for an award. In addition to Midnight in Paris, I’ve seen three other Best Picture nominees: The Help, The Artist, and Hugo. I know that The Artist has swept most of the pre-Oscar awards, but while I liked it, my definite favorite of the ones I’ve seen is Hugo. Visually brilliant, the story held my attention from beginning to end. I hope to catch Moneyball on TV this weekend, but that’ll probably be it for me for the Best Picture nominees.

I may see The Iron Lady in the theater before the Academy Awards. With time running out, that may be the end of my pre-Academy Award preparations.

I’m not sure how long my current interest in the movies will last. I’ve seen a lot of trailers recently, and the May release, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully there will be some more movies between now and May that catch my attention.

Have you seen any of the Academy Award nominees? If so, what are your favorites? And are there any upcoming movies that are going to be must-sees for you?

– LinnieGayl

9 thoughts on “Prepping for the Oscars

  1. Blythe

    If you have a chance, go see The Descendants. Of the nominees I’ve seen (the others are Hugo, The Help, Moneyball, and Midnight in Paris) that was my favorite. Although really, I liked all of them.

    A must see around here is (of course) The Hunger Games. I have a daughter catching a plane for France the day it comes out, so midnight showing it is.

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  2. maggie b.

    Only 33 more days till the Hunger Games!!! That is my top “must” see.

    As far as Academy Award movies I have seen Hugo, Moneyball, and The Help. The only one that really impressed me was The Help. Such a powerful movie. I really want to see the Artist and Iron Lady and hope to get to them sometime soon.

    I did see This Means War yesterday and that was fun. Goofy but fun.

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  3. AAR Sandy

    I, too, loved Hugo. I’ve also seen The Help, but for some reason am disinterested in The Artist.

    I’ll second Blythe’s recommendation of The Descendants. Clooney is off the charts brilliant and I cried a few times. Loved it.

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  4. LeeB.

    I’ve seen The Help, Moneyball, War Horse and Midnight in Paris. LOVED Midnight in Paris. Very sweet and funny. War Horse was very well done (and awesome English scenery) but sad in places.

    I agree with Sandy re The Artist. Not a fan of silent/black and white movies.

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  5. LinnieGaylAAR

    Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I’ll try and see The Descendants this week.

    For about the first 20 minutes of The Artist I came close to leaving. It was cute, the actors were wonderful, but the film itself just didn’t seem all that special. Then it picked up a bit and had more depth for awhile. But again, the ending was just rather cute. I wonder how many of the awards it’s getting are for having a clever gimmick (silent and black and white) rather than for being a really great film. Did love the dog, though.

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  6. DabneyAAR

    I still haven’t made it to the movies! Too busy on the weekends! But I have been watching them at home which is a big change. We just watched Say Anything which is my favorite rom/com of all time.

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  7. Susan/DC

    Like LinnieGayl, my moviegoing tends to be in spurts, although I do go more frequently than she does. In terms of movies where either the movie or an actor has been nominated for an Oscar, I’ve seen Hugo, The Descendants, The Artist, Tinker Tailor, A Dangerous Method, Beginners, Midnight in Paris, and (last night) Moneyball. I want to see The Help but it came out during a movie-going slump so I’ll have to watch it on DVD.

    Unlike some other posters I liked The Artist a lot. I went in doubtful and expected to be bored, but I was never bored and was totally charmed by the end. I give credit to the two lead actors (plus the dog) and the director for adding clever touches that kept me immersed in the story and the characters. They acted in a period style yet it never seemed like overacting or mugging to me.

    I also liked Tinker Tailor a lot and thought the entire ensemble of actors was wonderful. Was not that enamored of Midnight in Paris. Agree that Owen Wilson was charming and I loved the cars, the clothes and (of course) the setting. OTOH, Allen’s view of women other than the Marion Cotillard character was offputting. The wife and mother were so shallow and materialistic that I thought less of Wilson’s character for choosing someone like that (a not-unknown event in romance novels). If you haven’t seen Beginners, it too has a wonderful dog, and the actors aren’t too shabby either.

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