I’m Having a Tea Party

IMG_0200Did you ever have tea parties as a child? I did. One of my favorite gifts as a young girl was a lovely little china tea set covered with pink roses. Several times a week I would pull out my china set and have a tea party either with my friends, my mother, or my dolls. I didn’t actually like tea at that age. More often than not my tea pot either contained Kool-Aid or was empty.

Fast forward many, many years and my favorite beverage, bar none, is tea. I begin each day with several mugs of tea (at the moment Earl Grey). And I end most days with another mug of tea. But tea parties? None.

I do have a number of friends who also love tea. Unfortunately we live far away from each other. Except for the far too infrequent visits, we can’t share a cup of tea in person. So today we’ve decided to have a virtual tea party. At a set time we’ll all begin our tea and will chat online with each other. We’ve had fun sharing ideas for snacks to go with the tea for several weeks.

Of course our virtual party won’t have the wonderful in-person bonding that comes from actually sitting at the same table with your friends. And though we’ll chat online, it just won’t be quite the same. But there is one benefit to our virtual tea party: we each get to have exactly the time of tea and treats we want.

I waffled back and forth about the menu for my tea party treats. The tea was easy. I’m going with a wonderful Victorian blend of Earl Grey made by a local tea store. And I’ve even pulled out a favorite tea pot to make it on; no tea bags for me today. I’ve finally settled on two types of little sandwiches, both on thinly sliced white bread with crusts removed. I’ll make a very simple egg salad for the first, and a cucumber sandwich for the second.

I tend to crave savory things more than sweets but decided no proper tea party would be complete without at least one sweet. So, I’m doing a bit of strawberries and blueberries with whipped cream. I wish I’d found some clotted cream, but perhaps for our next tea party.

How about you? Did you have tea parties when you were young? Do you ever have any now? If so, what are some of your favorite treats to have with your tea parties?

- LinnieGayl

14 thoughts on “I’m Having a Tea Party

  1. maggie b.

    I have had tea parties both as a young girl and as an adult. I have occassion to throw bridal showers sometimes for co-workers and I almost always make those bridal teas. We bring in fancy cakes, scones, cucumber sandwiches, petit fours. My most recent “tea” event was for watching the Royal Wedding. A local bakery even had cakes with the engagement picture of Willian and Kate! Sometimes, I hold a tea just for me. Pull out the pot, put together some snacks and sit at the table and luxuriate.

    When I throw a tea, I tend to offer drinks besides tea as Americans don’t have quite the love for the benign beverage that they should. But people tend to love the bridal teas – they are just so fun! And totally appropriate for work where a lot of the raunchier customs might not be.

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  2. Tee

    LinnieGayl: At a set time we’ll all begin our tea and will chat online with each other. We’ve had fun sharing ideas for snacks to go with the tea for several weeks.

    That sounds like such a wonderful idea for people who enjoy having tea, and especially with others. I’m not a tea drinker. If you see a cup of tea in my hands, it’s because I’m not well and need it as a stomach soother or to take pills.

    But as a young child, I loved going to our local variety store and looking at the plastic dinner sets and purchasing them with money I saved up. I loved pretending to be serving tea with those items. My sister enjoyed high tea time when we went on a cruise, but I chose to only go once and it really didn’t appeal.

    So, have fun with your friends, even if that’s the only way you can get together over tea. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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  3. LinnieGaylAAR

    Maggie B, your teas sound wonderful! I haven’t had petit fours in years; will have to think about that for future teas.

    Thanks, Tee. I’m really looking forward to it.

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  4. leslie

    I lived in the UK for years and learned the fine art of brewing tea. Back in the US I drink more coffee than tea, but recently I have been skyping with my friends in London and we are always drinking pots of tea. I’m inspired!
    I think I’ll have a tea party on Sunday for all my “football widow” friends.

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  5. LinnieGaylAAR

    Thanks, Sandy. It was so much fun we’ll be doing it again in the near future. I’ve never liked sweet tea, although my father did. I also don’t like coffee, so tea is perfect for me.

    Elle, yes, my dolls were always the best guests!

    Leslie, that sounds like a wonderful idea :)

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  6. AARPat

    So you’ve heard of / order from Upton Tea Company, yes? Also, San Francisco’s Imperial Tea Court which sells exotic teas by the cup?

    We had our favorite English tea in Hollywood, England, but for the life of me, I can’t find the name of the place. My husband who’s as skinny as he can be ate four huge scones with clotted cream there, and I think if it were possible would have stayed for the rest of his life there.

    My two favorite tea places are the Huntington Gardens in Los Angeles and the Fairmont Hotel in Victoria, BC, Canada.

    But we’re always on the lookout for good tea places!

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