I have just confirmed that our president is a ninja.

So proclaimed some TV pundit/anchor/talking head about this interview:

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty impressive reflexes.

-Jane AAR

3 Responses to “I have just confirmed that our president is a ninja.”

  1. Karaa says:


  2. Katie Mack says:

    I heard about this yesterday when PETA released a statement criticizing Obama for his inhumane actions. Now that’s taking your cause to the extreme.

  3. mq says:

    omg,…that flyswatting incident! I heard about the PETA condemning Obama for it and demanding an apology! the PETA just went and made themselves look ridiculous-which is sad because they do support a lot of worthy causes. They should save their energy to help out all those pets who have been abandoned and given away because of the economic downturn!

    i say YAY for obama. I hate bugs!