Don’t You Forget About Me

[youtube][/youtube]This is a song that has accompanying me for the last 25 years or so. I loved it when it came out and taped it with my cassette recorder (remember those?) Later I bought the record. At one point I saw The Breakfast Club. Much, much later I took care the song was played at my wedding party.

With this song, I don’t much regard the lyrics (unusual for me) but concentrate on the determined, upbeat music. This is a song I hum when I am about to engage on something challenging, something I face with power and determination.

Are there songs that have accompanied you for a long time?

– Rike Horstmann

3 thoughts on “Don’t You Forget About Me

  1. Leigh

    “I Want To Know Love Is” by Foreigner is still on my iPod. Not that I hum it, but when every it comes on I have to belt out the words with the singer.

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