True Blood: A Massive Dose of WTF

trueblood_2_gallery_primaryIf you haven’t watched this week’s season two True Blood debut and you plan to at any time in the future, stop reading.


Because I have a massive bug up my butt and I need to vent.


So, be forewarned that there are spoilers galore after the cut…

Well, congrats to Alan Ball and crew for getting season two off to a really big whimper.

The dead body is the spooky-ass drugstore cashier exorcist?

Lafayette isn’t dead?

Tara’s mother is still around?

Could it really be true that somehow, someway they still have the impression that Tara, her mother, Jason, Andy, and Lafayette are more interesting to viewers than Sookie, Bill, Eric, and Sam?  Because truth is I found a good portion of the show – a major portion of the show – flat out boring.

And along the lines of  I-really-was-hoping-the-peripheral-distraction-stuff-was-over-and-done-with-because-I’ve-had-it-up-to-here-with-all-the-Jason-doggie-style-sex, there is some truly disturbing intelligence out there on the Net.  I mean really disturbing.  (If you don’t want possible season two spoilers, stop reading now.)


Still here?

Reports are that there is going to be “homoerotic tension” between Eric and Lafayette. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

That is just so freakin’ wrong.  On so many levels.  I sputter.  I spew.  I am totally pissed off.

On a positive note (and I don’t have too many) Jason’s three-beat pause before coming up with the word “think” was laugh out loud funny.  And the idea of Eric getting his highlights done amidst vampire torture-land was also great.  And, even though I’m not on Team Bill, the Sookie-Bill love scene was lovely.  All in all, the last ten minutes made me remember the reasons I watched the show in the first place.

And I’ll admit the maenad has possibilities, as does Jason with the vampire-hater loonies.

But Lafayette and Eric?  I just so do not want to go there.  More distractions.  More wasted time.  More reasons to believe that Alan Ball and company are clueless about who their audience is and just what it is they want.  And it ain’t Lafayette and Eric.


-Sandy AAR

15 thoughts on “True Blood: A Massive Dose of WTF

  1. Jill D.

    Hi Sandy, I had not heard the rumor going around about Eric and Lafayette. That would upset me too. I want there to be tension between Eric and Sookie and Bill.

    Could it be possible that they are keeping Lafayette because people liked his character? Also, they won’t have to introduce a new character they can interchange Lafayette for the vampire who was upducted in Dallas by those crazy religious fanatics. If I remember correctly, the vampire in the book was gay. Maybe instead of her going to Dallas, somehow Lafayette gets taken by the cult Jason is getting involved in. He hates gays and vampires – why not take a gay vampire. That is my guess. I can’t see Eric and Lafayette getting together. That is not going to work for the masses.

  2. Lavinia

    I am in complete agreement about Eric and Lafayette. Please don’t go there. While I can occasionally enjoy watching a homoerotic moment, I don’t think it will ever happen with Lafayette.

    I also am already annoyed at the Bill’s young vampire. The show really didn’t need another annoying character.

    There is definitely still great potential — I really enjoyed Tara an her hot, young man — but I am scared it’s really heading the wrong way.

  3. Debra

    Agree with your comments Sandy, I found the season two opener rather dull and boring myself. A few bits and pieces were entertaining but overall it fell flat. Some of the story lines for season 2 should end up proving interesting over the course of the season though, so I will hang in there.

    I look at the show as a different beast from the books, and enjoyed Lafayette’s character in season 1, so it is not a problem for me that he wasn’t the person offed in the opening.

    Not real keen on the idea of Lafayette becoming Eric’s love interest, because I find the Bill/Sookie/Eric triangle more intriguing, but the character of Eric in TB is already quite different from the books, so if that is the direction it goes I can live with it. But I’d rather see Lafayette hooking up with that were-tiger Quinn instead of with Eric.

    I’ll still be tuning in on Sunday night to see what happens next.

  4. LinnieGayl

    I recorded the Season 2 opener but haven’t watched it yet. I’ll have to admit I was waiting for spoilers. This is not encouraging at all. Looks like I’ll be fast forwarding through a bunch again, and really don’t like the idea of Lafayette and Eric. Eric belongs to Sookie.

  5. Katy C

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I hated True Blood. I love C. Harris’s books but didn’t even make it through the first season of True Blood. It seems to be all about “how can we shock the audience this week?” and very little about the characters and how they learn to live with people not like themselves. If they’re not going to keep the characters true to how they are in the books, what’s the point. The Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle is to me one of the main focuses of the story. I mean Sam and Tara? Tara and Jason? Eric and Lafayette? And who the heck is the little girl in the second season promos? Why did they need her? IMO if True Blood the tv show had been made into a book, it would have had a burning sensuality rating and D grade.

  6. Diana

    Afraid my ambiguous feelings about the show are still alive. I’m not excited about having to watch 45 minutes of boring to get 10 minutes of Sookie, Bill and ERIC. I can’t believe the PTB at True Blood think we’re watching for Tara’s crazy mother. Yeah, right. Not so promising for a highly anticipated season premier.

  7. MelissaG

    I may be in the minority but I actually like the story lines following Tara and Lafayette. In fact I didn’t really like the first book I had read in the series and was resolved not to read anymore but after seeing the show (and even knowing that many of these characters do not feature as highly in the book if they are there at all) I was inspired to go back and catch up on the series. Unfortunately for me I don’t have HBO and will have to wait for the DVDs to watch season 2 I am, nonetheless, very happy to learn that Lafayette is still alive.

  8. paul

    If you want to watch all the new tru blood episodes with no hbo, go to and they have everything including the new tru bloods as they come out of course. But lafayette is just a funny character I’m really hopin they turn him, cause as he said, he’d be a badass vampire

  9. True Blood-Fan

    To be honest, I don’t really like the whole Sookie/Bill/Eric triangle, that’s just so common it’s boring. We all know Sookie loves Bill, and I don’t mean to offend, but Twilight is similar to True Blood in several ways (which makes me think SOMEONE copies…stephenie) my point is, their was a triangle of sorts there too but Bella chose Edward (obvious and boring) I haven’t read the books, and I do not DISLIKE the idea of Lafayette and Eric, but I don’t think it will happen just because I don’t see Eric with ANYONE. No, not even Sookie and no not because I think he’s so incredibly hot that I don’t want him with anyone else. Hey, I’d like him with the queen actually. lol, or romance AFFAIR with Sookie, or playtoy moments with Lafayette, but not a full out relationship.

    I don’t think I’ll be reading the books either since apparently my favorite character DIES. And by the way, who cares if they kept those characters alive? those characters are INTERESTING, who gives a crap about sookie/bill/eric triangle? I like them all as characters, as well as Lafayette and Tara. Not so much Tara’s mom even though I feel sorry for her sometimes in the show, I still dislike her. But you gotta have characters you hate and love in a show, it’s what makes it great. I guarantee I wouldn’t have kept watching the show if that was Lafayette in Andy’s car because he is the comic relief. Eric is sexy and sarcastic enough to keep people watching I suppose, but Bill can get on my nerves and so can Sookie at times, so they certainly wouldn’t keep me. In fact, Lafayette and Tara were the REASON I kept watching, because they made it interesting, and Sookie’s brave, head on nature COMBINED made me like it.

    Who the heck would be mad Lafayette didn’t die? I mean come on. he’s one of the best damn characters, of COURSE the people didn’t make him die, they KNEW he was popular.

  10. Alex Scarsgard

    I love true blood!!! Season 3 is freaking me out. When Sam had that vision of kissing with Bill I freaked! What’s up with that vamp queen anyways? Kind of scary huh? I hope Eric doesn’t really help her. My best show on television for sure!

  11. linda

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