Louboutin Lion Pumps: Thumbs waaaaaay down.

Christian-Louboutin-Lion-Paw-ShoesSo Blake Lively was spotted wearing these new Louboutin pumps. My immediate reaction: Reeling in horror.

But why? I thought about it, and to a large extent my disgust is not only purely personal, it’s also highly illogical. I mean, it’s not as if I’m particularly animal friendly. I like animals, but I’m not vegan or vegetarian. And I love real leather, even though I can’t afford it.

What I don’t like is fur, or any kind of leather or imitation leather that actually looks like it came from an animal. So nix the crocodile skin and the cheetah print, and absolutely don’t put me near fur. Which is incredibly hypocritical of me, really, because it’s not like real leather is any “better” than real croc skin. But I just don’t like to be obviously wearing a dead animal.

Which brings me to the Louboutin Alex pumps. I can understand the appeal of such shoes. They stand out. They’re unusual. They’re a status symbol. Maybe stick in a metaphor about prowling in the jungle, or hunting or something. I’ll even go out on a limb and suggest that it could be (maybe) a huge tongue-in-cheek (tongue-in-foot?) endeavour for Louboutin, along the lines of “Hey, you want animal? We’ll give you animal. Flaunt it, baby, flaunt it.”

But I just can’t get over the appearance. Sorry, even if I could flaunt these shoes, I wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

What’s your opinion on these shoes? ┬áThumbs up or thumbs down?

– Jean AAR

7 thoughts on “Louboutin Lion Pumps: Thumbs waaaaaay down.

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