“Does she or doesn’t she?”

nice hairWomen in America spend a lot of money on their hair. And whether they go to a salon or do it at home, a whopping 75% color their locks. For years, I went to a salon and paid someone else to cut, color, and highlight my hair. I’d go every ten to twelve weeks and each time, it would cost over $100. And each time, when I’d return home, my husband would mutter about paying so much for something so easy to do. (He’s cut his own hair for years.)

So, a couple of years ago, I decided I’d do it all myself. I read online about how to cut hair and experimented carefully first with all over color and then with highlights. Now, I’ve got it down… and I’ve never liked the way my hair looks more!

I find the coloring easier to do than the cutting. To color my hair and add highlights, I use Loreal’s two step product Couleur Experte Express in Brioche (described on the box as a light golden brown.)  It’s a nice product and easy to use. (I buy it on Amazon for $12.) I have brownish red hair naturally and am just starting to see a few grey hairs. The coloring/highlighting takes about an hour from start to finish and leaves my hair feeling strong and smooth.

The cutting is a bit trickier. I have fine hair I layer. The hairs in front are the easiest to cut — I pull my “bangs” in front of my eyes, brush them so they’re straight, and put a piece of tape over them. Then I cut along the bottom of the tape. This leaves the hair at the sides longer than that in front. (I usually chunk out little pieces for a less clean line.)  I do the same process with the other two layers of my hair but without the tape. I pull the hair to the front of my face, brush it straight, and cut it in a straight line.

One nice thing about cutting my own hair is that I trim it far more often than I would if I had to pay to do so. This keeps the split ends at bay and also makes my hair less likely to frizz in North Carolina’s humid weather.

It’s working for me and I love saving all that money! How about you? Do you do your own hair? Got any tips to share if you do?

– Dabney AAR

6 thoughts on ““Does she or doesn’t she?”

  1. Leigh

    In a word NO . . my only experiment with hair coloring resulted in me having green hair. A friend and I were putting blond streaks in the front, thick ones, about an inch wide. Evidently we didn’t leave the color on my hair long enough, because I ended up with mustard yellow hair. I applied the brown dye, but didn’t know that I need a red filler first. While St Patrick’s Day is not that memorable to me, I do remember this one because as I was going up the elevator to work, one individual stated, oh, look at that you dyed your hair green for St. Patrick’s Day.

    I have always considered manicure and pedicure luxuries, but having someone cut my hair is a necessity. Not that I spend much on getting it cut. I have very long hair, and tend just to get the ends trimmed.

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  2. Shanna

    I was religious about getting my hair cut every 6 to eight weeks when it was short. It would grow out in all different directions and it was easier to keep it trimmed. Now that I’m growing it out I don’t go as often because then I won’t be tempted to cut it all off again. I’ve never colored my hair so never had that cost. For me it’s just not about the hair cut, I love going and getting my hair washed so throughly. For some reason I feel that I need that every few months.

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  3. LeeB.

    Oh, Leigh, poor you! Funny story about St. Patrick’s Day.

    I cut my long hair once in high school and I’ve never done that again. And I don’t dye my hair.

    I go to the local Hair Clips to get a couple of inches off maybe twice a year.

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  4. Susan/DC

    I have very curly hair, and cutting it myself is not an option. The curls might hide some mistakes, but it needs to be carefully shaped so that it does not frizz, and I can’t do that. I love my hairdresser, and he is not going to be allowed to retire.

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  5. CindyS

    I used to go and get my hair ‘streaked’ (yeah, it was the 90s) every 6 months or so and when one hair dresser charged me 150 bucks claiming my shoulder length hair was considered long I decided to make a change.

    I now color my own hair and have highlighted it myself also. It’s cheaper though for me to buy Natural Light Blonde and another box one up or down from that – I then alternate lines in my hair. That way you get a 2 tone look. I also buy the cheapest hair color cause in the end, they all work the same on my hair.

    I do have ‘s’ curls (which are not real curls and can be hard to tame) so I will go and get my hair cut professionally in layers now (about 70 dollars). I cut my own bangs by twisting the all up and then cutting

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  6. CindyS

    Sorry, I hit enter – also if I am keeping my hair at one length I cut the sides to the length I want and then call the hubby to cut a straight line across the back. This year we cut way too high and I couldn’t put my hair up for swimming. But now I’m happy with the layered look as my curls are curlier and it’s softer around my face.


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