Glee: Are you part of the 30%? Or the 70%?


Between this season and last, Glee lost some thirty percent of its viewing audience. That’s quite a chunk of people abandoning ship. Right now I am part of the seventy percent that stayed. But I can honestly say I am eyeing the greener pastures of Glee-free living more and more with every episode. This week’s snooze fest just about clinched it for me. Things will have to get better or I will be removing this once snarkly brilliant show from my DVR list.  What has gone wrong:

  • Sue: Her and Shue are an old joke already. Find something new for her character and move on.
  • The Music: Nothing really great this year. You know you’re in trouble when you are excited about the 40s music sung by the new all-girl glee club.
  • The Conflicts: I was actually excited about Rachel and Kurt being friends but now they are back in familiar territory, fighting over the same old stuff. Ditto with Rachel and Mercedes. And endlessly evil Quinn is sooo last two seasons. When is she ever going to grow up already?
  • The New Kids: Blaine as boyfriend to Kurt? Winner. Blaine as new member of glee club? Not so much. And don’t get me started on Rory. Lovely voice but seriously, does Glee need more guys after our three girl defections?

So are you still watching? Thinking about quitting? Or absolutely loving the new season?

– Maggie AAR

6 thoughts on “Glee: Are you part of the 30%? Or the 70%?

  1. DabneyAAR

    I jumped ship after last season. It was the only TV show I was watching–I watched it with my teenage daughter. She’s still watching it, but she says, in general, it sucks. She really liked “The Glee Project” this summer so her main reason for sticking with the show has been to see the kids from TGP show up on “Glee.”

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  2. AAR Sandy

    I’m about ready to bail. How stupid can Brittany be? She’s not charmingly clueless anymore, she is pathologically stupid, but Finn is booed all to hell for calling her on it.

    And I agree with you about the music. It’s downhill BIG time this season.

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  3. maggie b.


    I agree with you about Brittany. Initially, she reminded me of Donna from the 90’s version of “90210”. Kind of ditzy, not a rocket scientist, sweet but still with backbone and spirit. But lately? Dumb.


    It is the opposite in my household. The rest of the family has bailed and I have stuck it out. But for how much longer, that is the question . . . .

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  4. Jo-Ann W.

    I’m about 50%. I haven’t really like the direction the show went after the second season and I definitely haven’t liked the music. I, too, am interested in seeing the winner of the Glee Project on the show so I’m sticking it out till then and then we’ll see.

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