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Recently Jane talked about her favorite television program, and it reminded me of mine. While I have been watching Prime Suspect this season, Detective Jane Timoney is no Brenda Leigh.

It has been seven glorious years, and it is coming to a close ( a play on words). I am talking about the end of The Closer.  It has everything I adore like romance, competent heroine, humor, mystery, and a great cast. In fact just talking about it makes me want to turn on the DVR and re-watch some of  my favorite episodes. Flynn and Provenza always make me laugh.  In “Protect and Serve”  they find a body, but decide to postpone calling it in until after a baseball game. Brenda becomes a YouTube sensation after being beat up by an irate bridezilla in Saving Face.”  Honestly there are just too many to mention. I love almost all of them.

Kyra Sedgwick is leaving the show. Rather than have someone fill her shoes – an impossible task, the show is ending. I erroneously thought that this past summer was the last season, but happily there are eleven more episodes. Five episodes  this Fall, starting November 28, and then six more beginning in the Summer of 2012. Most of the cast members will be joining the new series Major Crimes staring Mary McDonnell as Captain Sharon Raydor.  This woman has sure grown on me.  Below is a great clip of her in action. TNT has no worries because I will be tuning in to watch.

Brenda still has big trouble.  The lawsuit filed by the family of Turrell Baylor was dismissed but again proprietary information has been leaked.  Brenda does have a habit of taking the law into her own hands especially when she feels justice has not been served. The opposing attorney now has damaging evidence about those cases,and he plans to file a new claim in federal court.  The big question on everyone’s mind is who’s behind these leaks. Is it Gabriel?  He has always been portrayed as the conscience of the show.  Commander Taylor has never liked Brenda and from the very beginning wanted her gone. Could it be him?  Or how about Chief Pope?   His driving ambition is to become Chief of Police, and he almost lost his chance because of Brenda.  He has betrayed her once, has he done it again?

So are you a fan?  Who do you think is behind all of Brenda’s troubles?  Is it someone in her unit, Commander Tayor, or Chief Pope?

Will you be watching the spin off Major Crimes?


6 thoughts on “The Closer

  1. maggie b.

    I will try Major Crimes but I will still be sad to see The Closer go. That cast has been absolutely incredible.
    Favorites: Flynn and Provenza. Buzz is another one.

    I really love Fritz too. Not everyone could put up with Brenda Leigh and her family but Fritz is great at it.

    One thing that has impressed me is that the show has yet to jump the shark. Seven years in the quality is as good as it has ever been. Mark Pellegrino as Gavin has been truly incredibel. He was great on lost, great here – somebody needs to give that man his own show.

    I think Pope, Fritz or Taylor could wind up being the leak. Pope to get rid of Brenda, Fritz to get Brenda to let him move up in the FBI, Taylor to get rid of Brenda. Who knows? I don’t really think Fritz though – it would backfire so badly.

    Really looking forward to this season, though.

    maggie b.

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  2. Connie Silvan

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  3. wendy

    I can’t watch The Closer. I know its a great show, and I’ve honestly tried, but Kyra’s accent is atrocious and she always looks to me like she’s about to start sobbing any minute.

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