Apples, oranges or bananas?

f9adc3fb18e7e6eb38380ebcaf7e_grandeOh, those food studies. First, it’s eat eggs. Then it’s don’t. Next it’s red wine, chocolate, and cheese. Now, it’s apples. A British study is saying apples, and in particular apple juice, are so chock-a-bock with acids that they’re more likely to cause dental erosion than, say, Coke.

Well, not that it’s bunk (actually, far from it I think), but I don’t really pay much attention to studies these days. Most have me rolling my eyes. (Have you guys heard of the IgNobel Prizes, honouring improbable research? Hilarious.) And anyway, everything in moderation, right? But this particular study doesn’t really affect me because I don’t eat apples.

Yeah, I know, what a shocker. Here’s why:

  1. I used to eat lots of oranges, and I got out of the habit of eating apples.
  2. I find apples way over sour or over sweet.
  3. I now eat lots of bananas because they’re way more versatile, especially as breakfast foods.

So I’d pick bananas. Then oranges. And lastly, apples. On their own, that is. But if you’re talking about apple crumble…well, that’s a different story.

What’s your fruit pick?

– Jean AAR

4 thoughts on “Apples, oranges or bananas?

  1. Tee

    What’s your fruit pick? – Jean AAR

    Grapes. grapesgrapesgrapesgrapes. I could eat them 24 hours a day, but don’t, because there are consequences. LOL.

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  2. Leigh

    Apples (grin). . . I tend to be seasonal in my fruit choices. So it is apples in the fall and winter, cantalope and watermelon in the summer, and grapes when they are on sale. I have two bags in my refrigerator now.
    Bananas are a good standbye.

    I love Fuji apples now but my taste has changed from yellow/golden apples to green to yellow to Fuji. I don’t do delicious.

    I also get fruit cravings. And will buy the same thing for a while if they are good like nectarines, or kiwi, or plums or mangoes or cherries. I received pears from Harry and David and they were wonderful.

    So the only fruit I really dislike is grapefruit and papaya. And honestly I don’t get many oranges. I have been disappointed too many times.

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