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housewives_newjersey320I have a new TV guilty pleasure:  Brava’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  None of the others (Orange County, New York, Atlanta) ever appealed to me at all and if I passed them while channel surfing,  I would usually roll my eyes in amazement.  But for some reason New Jersey’s got me hooked and I can’t explain why.  Maybe it’s because they’re just so very different from anyone I’ve ever encountered.  Maybe it’s the sheer cattiness.  Who knows? 

All the women are extremely successful, wealthy, fashionable,  and dedicated to family.  They’re also connected to each other in some form or fashion.  Caroline and Dina are sister’s married to brothers.  Jacqueline is also their sister-in-law.  Teresa and Danielle are connected to the group through friendship, but things aren’t always so friendly.  However,  since I found this gem of a show a little late into the season, I’m not real sure of Teresa’s exact connection to the others in the group outside of friendship.  

Each lady has their own individual concerns.  Caroline, my favorite, is a businesswoman and mother to grown children.  She seems to stay on the fringe of most of the internal drama.  Dina, her sister, is also a businesswoman and mother of one teenage daughter.  She’s slightly overprotective.  She is also Danielle’s nemesis. Jacqueline is the other sister-in-law and seems to be Danielle’s connection to the group.  In my opinion, Jacqueline is the most indecisive of the group.  Teresa is the mother of three young girls and is in the process of building a massive home.  She seems to be the most easy-going.  Then there’s Danielle, the one with the sordid past that’s beginning to catch up with her.  Jacqueline is her only friend within the group and the tension between Danielle and the others is only increasing.  Now saying all that, I have to admit that I missed Tuesday night’s episode, much to my displeasure.    So if anyone knows the highlights, please fill me in. 

Also, questions to consider:  Are the New Jersey housewives different from the previous housewives?  Which group is your favorite?  What do you think about the possibility of The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. – where the next group of housewives may be from?

AAR Heather

7 thoughts on “The Real Housewives

  1. Jane AAR

    I’ve only watched one or two episodes of this one, and none of the other “Real Housewives.”  Mostly because I’m from NJ, and I was curious.  It is a little bit addicting… as contrived and staged as the drama is, I was hanging on to it.

    As D.C. is my second home, I’m excited about that version of the show… I imagine the tone would be very different than the others, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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  2. xina

    I watch this too, but I like the New York version more. These people are horrible and really mean to Danielle. Sure, she’s a wreck, but these women act worse that high school girls. Still (hiding my head) I keep watching. My daughter got me watching the New York Housewives. Can’t wait until she gets home from study abroad and sees these people. I think she’ll probably love it. Isn’t their last show the next one? What’s-her-name tips a table over in a restaurant! Yippee!

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  3. AAR Heather

    Jane – I’m looking forward to the D.C. one as well.  It will have to have some insight into politics and that alone will give it a different sort of dynamic.  Other than that, I just like D.C.
    Xina – Why did you like the New York one better  (I didn’t realize there was a New York group until I saw it in a magazine recently)?  And I agree – the women really are mean to Danielle, but for some reason I really don’t have any sympathy for her.  Maybe it’s because she just seems so self-centered.  It does remind me of high school, but worse, which is why I watch it too.

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  4. xina

    I just like the women better. They don’t seem as childish as the NJ women. Still they can be catty but in a different way. I did like a couple of the women better than the others and really couldn’t stand one of them, but I do think she was put on that show for that purpose. There was also a woman who would bring her husband everywhere she went. He would tag along even when not invited, and I ended up liking him more and more. I feel guilty for watching it, but I can’t help it. Guilty pleasure to the extreme.

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