I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, and it’s addictive.


In a nutshell: Angry Birds.

I’ve never been tempted by the game, although I’ve certainly heard about it. The compulsion to play. The cross-generational appeal and competition-driver, like forĀ this New York Times father. And the fact that it’s the #1 selling app of all time, not to mention plush toys, merchandise, blah blah blah.

But not owning a mobile device made the game irrelevant to me, and even when I got my NC and the game was available, I thought, $4.99 just to see what the fuss was about? I’d rather have a toasted chicken salad sandwich and coffee from Tim Horton’s.

However, I was browsing the Google Chrome Web Store the other day, and saw that they now have an Angry Birds app. For free. How on earth was I to refuse?

In less than a week I’ve gone through all the levels available, and I’m seriously considering getting the full version on my Nook Color. A part of me looks at the puffs of feathers as the birdies evaporate amidst rubble of glass and stone, and thinks it’s monstrous. The other part of me (the part that wins) pumps my fists in the air when the yellow bullet bird (my favourite) dive bombs and annihilates a smug fat helmeted pig. Yes!

Do you play Angry Birds? What’s the appeal if you do?

– Jean AAR

4 thoughts on “I’ve jumped on the bandwagon, and it’s addictive.

  1. Anne Marble AAR

    I don’t know how it compared to the regular ap, but the Nook Color version is verrrry niiiice. ;) Some people on the Nook boards said it gave a better playing area. (No ads get in the way of your tapping, etc.) It’s fun to knock down houses on top of evil pigs — their expressions are so smarmy they’re just asking for it. And I feel as if I’m learning about physics and engineering. ;)

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  2. Patty

    I am totally addicted to the point that I had to get AB Seasons and AB Rio too.
    The appeal? I want to smash the pigs because they mock me when I fail!

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  3. Magdalen

    My husband and I worked our way through all the levels and I even bothered to go back and get better scores on the ones with just one star.

    It’s funny about computer games — they need to fit my life in some psychological way. I played a LOT of Tri-Peaks solitaire a decade ago because it taught me to do something over and over while seeing incremental progress. (Don’t ask why I didn’t learn that as a child, but I didn’t.) There have been others since then, including one Facebook game.

    I guess Angry Birds didn’t teach me enough to be worth paying for it… LOL

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  4. Jean

    @Anne – I wondered if the screen mightn’t be not responsive enough, but by your reaction, it clearly is. Excellent.

    @Patty – Those pigs are so amazingly detestable. Roxio are genius.

    @Magdalen – That’s exactly what I’ve been doing, dang it. At least until I get the Nook version. I know I’m learning heaps about trajectories and acceleration…which is real helpful when stacking books. Yeah.

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