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What a week for season finales! This week I stayed upĀ  later than normal catching series finales. I usually just record the shows that start at 10pm, but this week, I felt compelled to catch them in real time.

The week started on Sunday with the finale and reunion show of Survivor. And yes, after four attempts, Boston Rob has finally won. I didn’t hate his winning as much as I thought I would, but really, please do not bring back Russell again. Most of my friends have long since given up on Survivor, but I’m still watching. However, I found this Russell vs. Rob battle to be one of my least favorite seasons.

Monday brought the season finale of Castle, leaving us with a real cliff-hanger. There had been spoilers for months that a major character was going to die on the show. I was relieved that rumors that Castle’s mother or daughter died didn’t pan out, but it was still incredibly sad. But the bigger moments involved Beckett, and then Castle, revealing their feelings to each other. Castle’s feelings were much more clearly spelled out — yes, he finally said those three little words — but was Beckett unconscious? Will she remember? Will she be the new captain? So many questions. I’m ready for the new season now!

In comparison to some of the other season finale’s, Body of Proof’s was less flashy, but it definitely moved the characters along. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) discovers that her boss (played by Jeri Ryan) is sleeping with her ex-husband. This definitely caused problems in the work-place, but eventually helped to bring Megan a bit closer to her daughter. I loved the final scene where her daughter tells Megan that she’ll “hate her” (the other woman) if Megan wants. Megan’s response to “give her a chance” was perfect, followed up by ordering a second dessert.

And finally, we had the season finale of Bones. Before the finale aired, Jane asked, “Did they or Didn’t They” regarding the yet-to-be-viewed show. For those of us who watched, I guess we have our answer. But wow! I’m much newer to the show than many here, but have become totally addicted. The last two weeks have been amazing, and I’m very curious to see how things will play out next season.

And while I’m sad that these three shows are over, I have some exciting viewing coming up over the summer, chief among them So You Think You Can Dance (starting next week!) and Drop Dead Diva (premiering June 19).

Have you watched any season finales in the past weeks? Did you like them? Were you disappointed? Are there any shows you’re looking forward to this summer?


8 thoughts on “Season Finales

  1. Blythe

    We’re still big Survivor fans at my house, and while I am completely with you on Russell, we all love Boston Rob. I liked seeing him win, and thought on the whole the season was a good one. Actually, we had some interesting discussions on why you can like someone who is good at manipulating (Rob) and outright hate someone else (Russell) who has proved good at it in the past. I think Russell is unteachable. He has no clue why he didn’t win either time, and he thinks he deserved to win both times. He completely fails to understand that Survivor has two parts – voting people out, and then getting them to vote FOR you at the end.

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  2. LinnieGayl

    Blythe, that’s a really good point about the difference between Rob and Russell. Russell completely doesn’t get the social aspect of Survivor. And Rob has learned a lot over the seasons.

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  3. Missie

    I missed Castle and Bones, so hubby and I both will be monitoring to see if we can’t catch them on the second go ’round. I did catch NCIS, NCIS: LA, and Body of Proof finales. I, too, really liked the mother-daughter scene at the end.

    I am sooooooooooo looking forward to Drop Dead Diva!! I love, love, LOVE that show — ‘though I am hoping they’re better with their legal story lines this season, as sometimes, alas, their legal aspects are rather lacking. But regardless, I just love Jane/Deb, her best friend Stacey (we all need a Stacey!), and her fallen guardian angel –who’s name sadly escapes me right now, but then, I still haven’t gotten my first cuppa tea all down yet, either. ;-) And Grayson is a hunk — I am wondering what will happen with him, after the exciting cliff-hanger of last season — and I just really enjoy disliking Kim. It’s rather unlike me to enjoy hating a character, but I think Kim reminds me too much of the snotty girls I knew growing up.

    And DDD will help fill the shoe/bag void left by Body of Proof ;-)

    I’m also looking forward to “Hot in Cleveland,” ‘though not as much as I am DDD. Hot in Cleveland is just silliness, that’s all there is to it — and sometimes, I just need me some silly.

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  4. LinnieGayl

    Missie, yes, I wonder what’s going to happen with Grayson. Very curious about that. And I too enjoy disliking Kim :) Haven’t seen Hot in Cleveland. I’ll have to look for information about it.

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  5. Missie

    Linnie, “Hot in Cleveland” is rather like the “Golden Girls” (it even has Betty White! *LOL*), but with a younger — with the exception of Ms. White — group of women, and it is, well, set in Cleveland. ;-) It’s just silliness, pure and simple, filled with lots of usually not-so-subtle double entendres (sp?) and stereotypical sit-com situations and behaviors.

    It’s not great television, but it is fun. It’s a TVLand original series.

    Oh, and Jane/Deb’s assistant — she’s awesome, too. :-) But then, I’ve always liked Margaret Cho.

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  6. Jane AAR


    I’m SO HAPPY they finally got together, and I’m really excited about this new path. But at the same time, I feel a bit gypped. I wanted to see more of them getting together, and I *really* want to see how the other characters react to the news that Booth knocked Brennan up. I read an interview with Stephen Nathan, one of the producers, who says that there will be a bit of a time gap between the finale and season 7’s premier, which leads me to think that these are scenes that we’ll miss.

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  7. LinnieGayl

    Jane, yes, I too felt a bit gypped at missing out on some clearly key scenes. Interesting interview you read; it sounds like we’ll miss more scenes in the future. And yes, I really hope we get to see the other characters’ reactions.

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