Is it Spring Yet?

crocusI saw them! Yesterday I took a brief walk at lunch in the cold and rain and saw them; tiny little crocus shoots. Finally!

Yes, it’s nearly May, and it’s still freezing cold in much of the northern United States. Well, maybe not technically freezing, but believe me, going for walks when it’s windy, rainy, and 40 degrees out isn’t a lot of fun.

We were tricked a few weeks ago by 80 degree weather. Hah! Within days it was back into the 30s and a bit of snow was on the ground. Most of my neighbors brought their summer furniture out onto their patios and balconies. I didn’t do that, but have started looking seriously on the web for container gardening ideas.

Last year I went a bit overboard and had nearly my entire balcony filled with containers of herbs and flowers. It looked pretty for a couple weeks, but was also difficult to walk through to get to my comfy chair. I also managed to kill most of them within the first month.

This year I’ve decided to be more restrained in my balcony gardening. I’m going to plant just two or three containers of herbs and maybe two flower containers. That’s it. It’ll feel summery and look pretty, but won’t require as much work. And hopefully, I’ll be able to keep them alive.

For herbs, one pot is definitely going to be basil. It’s my absolute favorite herb, and one I seem capable of growing. I’m a bit stumped for the other pots. I tried rosemary last year at the encouragement of friends, but found it difficult to grow and easy to kill. Any suggestions for easy herbs?

For flowers, I’ll definitely have one pot of geraniums as they seem to do well in containers. I’ll have to check out the local gardening stores for ideas for a few other containers.

Are you going to have a summer garden? If so, are you in the planning stages? Or, if you’re lucky enough to already have warm weather, is it already blooming?


5 thoughts on “Is it Spring Yet?

  1. Tee

    This is what happened to spring in the Detroit area:

    ███████████████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 44% DONE.
    Install delayed. Please wait. Installation failed. Please try again. 404 error: Season not found. Season “Spring” cannot be located. The season you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable in Michigan. Please try again.

    I am one of those who pulled the patio furniture out, though, some weeks ago–hopefully, I have to add. But the furnace continues to kick on with gusto. Today looks promising. I think the warmer weather is coming, but it’s taking its time. I’m ready to fill the pots with flowers (impatiens mostly, but I’m looking for a full-sun flower for one of the pots in the backyard). I don’t think I’ll be as active in the garden this year because I’m having problems with my knee and leg. I’m already sad about that because there’s nothing better than getting “down and dirty” in the summer.

    Good luck to you, too, with your plantings.

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  2. Missie

    Tee, thank you for that laugh this morning! :-) I’ve lived in Michigan (the LP, just outside Detroit), so you and Linnie do have my sympathies :-)

    Linnie, rosemary is the one perennial (is that the proper word when it grows year round?) herb we have! It has grown into a bush!! Rosemary is like a weed — it thrives with poor soil and neglect. Maybe you were too attentive to your rosemary?? ;-)

    Love, love, LOVE basil — I imagine hubby will be planting some of that in our herb garden this year. Fresh cilantro is a real treat, too, so maybe you want to consider that? Fresh parsley and oregano are great, too.

    Also, have you considered one of those “topsy turvy” tomato planters? You could have fresh tomatoes! :-)

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  3. LinnieGayl

    LOL, Tee! That’s exactly what seems to have happened. And you’re right, today does seem promising. I may need to pull out the furniture :) I’m sorry about your knee and leg and hope they give you less problems soon.

    Missie, I haven’t those about those topsy turvy tomato planters. I’ll check into them because I love fresh tomatoes. I have no idea what I did to the rosemary! I’m not overly fond of cilantro, and killed it last year in about 3 days. Parsley seems like a good suggestion though. Thanks.

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  4. LeeB.

    Tee: That is so funny! You are quite witty.

    LinnieGayl: I don’t have any plants at home. Just not a green thumb person. But there are lots of plants at work.

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  5. Heather

    I live in Michigan too. My husband built me boxes for a vegetable garden this year but not much chance to play in the dirt yet with this weather. I’ve had good luck growing oregano in a container on the deck. It’s great with the basil in tomato sauce, etc.

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