Seasonal decorations … or not

hasenEvery year, some time before Easter my husband begins to grumble that we do not have any Easter decorations out yet. I suggest he take care of it; he grumbles some more that we should do it together. So out the colored eggs and wooden bunnies come, and once the decorations are finished, I quite like them. I just feel no urge whatsoever to initiate the decorating.

I’m not quite as bad at Christmastime, when I get some stuff out without being urged repeatedly. But the truth is, what while I like decorating my rooms in a pleasing way, I resent anything that isn’t permanent, need to be put up by a certain date and taken down again by another. In my own home, that is, I am quite happy to admire other people’s decorating efforts. Just as long as no-one demands anything in the same line from me.

Now that I have outed myself as the perfect grouch: What is your attitude to seasonal decorating? And what do you put up at Eastertime?

- Rike Horstmann

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5 Responses to “Seasonal decorations … or not”

  1. Tee says:

    Nothing for Easter, minimal for Halloween (because I love pumpkins and the color orange overall) and minimal also for Christmas these days. It appears that the older I get, the fewer decorations I have.

  2. LinnieGayl says:

    I pretty much only decorate for Christmas/New years, and then nothing else. Although I really do love Halloween stuff, so may invest in a few pumpkins this year.

    However, I’m really getting the itch to at least add a few spring/seasonal things like throw pillows or something this year. Just have to get inspired.

  3. Jean AAR says:

    Not. Don’t seasonal decorate, ever. Like you, I can’t handle the transience of decorations – what’s the point? I’m definitely a grouch.

  4. Rike says:

    Jean, but are you married to a romantic as far as decorating is concerned? That’s the real trouble! ;-)

  5. Jane AAR says:

    I work at a gift shop, so I’ve seen every type of holiday decoration imaginable — Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July… we try to have mostly tasteful decorations, but sometimes I really don’t know what people are thinking. Really? A giant burlap carrot? a million little nests with miniature birds? a rosette-covered rabbit?

    That said, there are some truly beautiful seasonal things. Note the *seasonal* — not holiday. I prefer spring/winter/summer/fall decorations, as opposed to easter/Christmas/4th of July/Thanksgiving or Halloween ones.