Spring Longings

crocusThe past few days we’ve had a bit of a reprieve from a long, fairly brutal winter. Suddenly, the skies were clear and beautifully blue, allowing the sun to shine down all day. And not only did the temperatures rise above freezing, they were actually in the 50s, which meant that coats came off, and for some (not me), flip flops were donned. While I know it’s going to turn colder again later this weekend, for now, I’m just enjoying this respite, and am thinking about all of the things I like to do once spring finally arrives.

I haven’t gone wild and started wearing my summer clothes, but am actually going to put away some of my heavier sweaters and jackets this weekend, opting for lighter layers for the remaining chilly days.

The past few days, I’ve taken a lot of walks outside (as opposed to on a treadmill), to enjoy the nice weather. It’s too early for pretty flowers like the one in the photo above, but nearly all of the snow is gone, which is a welcome relief. (I briefly thought of putting a photo here of “dirty” end-of-winter snow, but it really is ugly.)

Last night I pulled my balcony furniture out of the storage closet, and started cleaning it up. I won’t be putting them outside for another month or so, but I want them ready, so that as soon as spring finally arrives, I can once again sit on my balcony reading and drinking iced tea.

Ah, iced tea. I’ve actually walked up to Starbucks a couple times the last few days, and instead of getting my usual winter drinks, have picked up iced tea to drink in my office; another spring favorite activity.

I can also sense my appetite switching over from my winter cravings of hearty soups and stews, to my usual spring and summer favorite salads. I’ve also had some serious cravings for asparagus, although I know the local stuff is a long way off.

I’ve started checking out a variety of online sites for information on plants to grow on balconies. I won’t be able to actually plant anything until late May, but want to be ready with a serious selection by that time. I’m thinking a few herbs this year, and some pretty flowers should brighten up the space.

Are your thoughts turning to spring? Have you started any spring preparations?


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5 Responses to “Spring Longings”

  1. dick says:

    Yippee-ay-o-ki-ai! The crocuses have been a-bloom for a week, the temp was 73 yesterday with lots of sun. The only downer–allergens were so high I had to stay inside; I have to restock on masks.

  2. Missie says:

    Well Linnie, here in East Texas, we’ve been having several spring-like days, and we’re actually having a few friends over for a “welcome, spring!” BBQ tomorrow! And regardless of how mild or cold our winter is, we have wildflower paperwhites and daffodils that bloom in February to remind us that spring is coming. We still have some paperwhites and daffodils, and my amaryllis has come and gone, but our irises are blooming now, too.

    Don’t be too jealous, though — our summers are typically brutal here (heat and humidity); our last two, most especially so. So we have to grab the temperate days when we have them and enjoy them as much as possible.

  3. LeeB. says:

    Here in Seattle we’ve been having milder temps and some bushes have budding blooms but even though we had a mild winter, leaves on trees seem to be late in arriving.

    Oh, and my thoughts have been turning to spring since last December. ;)

  4. LinnieGayl says:

    Dick, sorry about the allergies, but hooray for the crocuses! I just love them.

    Missie, I don’t envy you the hot summers. I’ve been in Texas a few times in the summer and it’s miserable. But yes, I’ve also been there in late winter/early spring and seen the absolutely gorgeous wildflowers.

    Lee, No buds as yet. Hopefully in a few weeks.

  5. Missie says:

    Yes, we have Miss Ladybird Johnson to thank for the wildflowers here, I suppose. She used to do PSAs with the tagline “Plant a tree, shrub, or wildflowers today!” Or something along those lines.

    I’m certainly not complaining about them. ;-)

    At least here in East Texas, because we have so many evergreens, including pines and cedars, even in the depth of winter, there is something green.

    The red bud and fruit trees are looking gorgeous right now.