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It may be silly, but I really love awards shows– especially the Awards Show of All Awards Shows, the Oscars.  I hardly ever see many of the nominated movies (I think this year I’ve seen Inception and Black Swan… and that’s pretty much it), but there’s something so uplifting about seeing these men and women at one of the best moments of their lives.  Whenever I watch older speeches — like Tom Hanks’ for winning in Philadelphia, or Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball — I admit it, I tear up sometimes.

I’m excited for this year’s show, airing on Sunday evening.  What will they wear?  Who will win?  What sort of surprises are in store?  How do Anne Hathaway and James Franco do with their unconventional hosting gig?  And will Banksy show up?  I have high hopes for this year’s show.  I fully expect laughs, tears, and gasps.  And for someone to show up wearing a really, really ugly dress.

5 thoughts on “The Oscars

  1. Tee

    It’s been a long, long time since I’ve watched the Oscars’ ceremony and will not watch this year either, even though I’ve seen “The King’s Speech,” which has been nominated quite a few times. Actually, it’s the only movie that I’ve seen because…actually, I don’t know why, except that I don’t seem to watch movies much anymore these days.

    However, I love the Fashion Police show with Joan Rivers and her entourage that appears the next day. It’s so fun hearing them all both praise and rip on the gowns and suits of the attendees. So, I will get a glimpse of what everyone is wearing and how well it suits them. As far as who get what award, I’ll read that on line the next day, too.

  2. AAR Sandy

    I enjoy the pre-show with all the arrivals and the first look at the gowns more than I enjoy the show itself, I think. This year I’ve seen Inception, Black Swan, The King’s Speech, The Kids are All Right, and The Social Network — the latter is one you really need to see, Jane. My choice for best picture would be The Social Network, I think. Loved The King’s Speech, I really did, but TSN is a movie about today and TKS is a very traditional movie about the past. Loved Geoffrey Rush in TKS and really hope he wins. I will be happy with a Colin Firth win, as well. i’m pulling for Annette Benning to win, both for this performance and for a hell of a career so far. Natalie Portman could use some time, I think, in The Hospital for Over Acting.

  3. Ellen AAR

    I love movies, but I’ve never seen an Oscar show. I tried to watch one year, but it was so awkward, I couldn’t believe it. I just watch the re-cap the next day. I was thrilled for The King’s Speech, but I kind of wished Toy Story 3 would have won.

  4. Jane AAR Post author

    This year’s show wasn’t overly impressive. Actually rather boring, and while I love Anne Hathaway and thought she did an okay (if not great) job, nothing was very funny and it was all a bit awkward.

    Too bad, but the fashion was great– so many wonderful dresses!

  5. Rudy Guttierrez

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