DIY pride

Not my cat. But I couldn't resist the image.

Not my cat. But I couldn't resist the image.

Last week, I fixed my ebookreader. By myself. My husband has requested that I stop boasting about it to him, so here I’m telling you.

One week ago exactly, my Opus had a run-in with Adobe Digital Editions (not my favorite software af the moment) which destroyed the file(s) necessary to load new books onto it. So I could still read my old books, but was unable to upload any new acquisitions.

I wrote to both Adobe’s and Bookeen’s (the company that makes the Opus) support. From Adobe, I received one automated reply that recommend I re-install ADE. Duh. As if I hadn’t done that already. After that, nothing.

Bookeen, on the other hand, answered within 48 hours. After I sent them a detailed description of the problem, they told me I would have to reformat the Opus and re-install the software. They sent me links to the relevant pages, and a step-by-step description of what I had to do. And what can I say? It worked perfectly. It was still a pain – for one thing I read to reload all my ebooks, for all the DRM-ed ones using ADE. But I made use of the occasion by restructuring my folders, and now everything runs smoothly.

What was the last item, electronic or otherwise, that you managed to fix all by yourself?

– Rike Horstmann

2 thoughts on “DIY pride

  1. Victoria S

    I am so techo-illiterate it’s laughable. I still don’t know how to burn a CD!!! If I can’t turn it off, and turn it back on to fix itself, I’ve gotta buy a new one :-). I too, like Sandy was able to set up my wireless router…but that’s as far as my meager abilities go. But unlike Sandy I was disproportionately proud of myself…you would have thought I invented the Internet! Well gotta go, something is beeping and i gotta go shut it off.

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