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I didn’t watch the Grammy Awards Sunday night, but I did keep up with the results, and with the New York Times live blog and some of the Twitter reactions. (Side note: Kanye West has to have one of the biggest egos on the planet, but man, can he be funny.) During that time I indulged in some heavy-duty multi-tasking, all the while checking out Grammy songs on YouTube. In doing so, two thoughts popped into my head.

The first was that I am so out of it. I hadn’t even heard of half the artists, much less half the songs. I didn’t know Drake was Canadian. I didn’t know that Rihanna’s songs were from her new album, post-Rated R. Florence and the Machine? Bruno Mars? Lady Antebellum? Who are these people?

The second was far more negative, I’m sorry to say. As the winners for the major awards were announced, I listened to some of the songs on YouTube, and my reaction was mostly “You have got to be kidding me.” The biggest WTH moment was for “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, which won both Record (performance and production) and Song (songwriting) of the year. Having listened to it twice all the way through, I still find it totally uninteresting compared to some of its fellow nominees, not to mention the dozens of other un-nominated songs that could and should have been up there. Think about it: posterity will say that in the year 2010,the best song written, composed, produced, and performed was “Need You Now”. Sorry, but I’m not on that bandwagon.

As for Esperanza Spalding winning best new artist (and performing above at the White House): Props to her. Some say it was a default win, by process of elimination, but having listened to some of her music online, I can say that although I do question her status as a “new artist”, she’s definitely talented. Is she more deserving than other candidates favoured to win? Don’t know about Florence & The Machine or Mumford & Sons, but if the award had gone to a certain teenager from a staid Canadian Shakespearean town, then I would have lost all faith for the Grammy organization.

Did you watch the Grammys? Do you have an opinion thereof? Or do you think the awards, or any awards shows (12 days to the Oscars) are a complete waste of time?

– Jean AAR

13 thoughts on “Grammy Awards 2011

  1. Missie

    Hubby and I gave up on the Grammy Awards some time ago. We recognize precious few of the artists, and like you, we find that we don’t care for many of them when we do hear their music. *shrug*

    The Oscars and Golden Globes, though, are a different story, as we can generally obtain access to the films/shows and/or have heard of them, at the very least.

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  2. LeeB.

    I didn’t watch the Grammies either and totally agree with Missie’s comments too.

    But I have heard Need You Now by Lady Antebellum many times as I switch from country music to oldies rock to classical while listening to the radio. And the song does grow on you as you listen to it over and over and over. Maybe it received lots of votes because listeners could understand the lyrics? ;)

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  3. Jean

    Glad to know I’m not the only who’s about to write off the Grammy.

    @LeeB, I’ll definitely agree that transparency is so not an issue with “Need You Now”.

    @Dabney – That article is scary. And it explains a lot. Far out. Thanks.

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  4. Victoria S

    I don’t watch the Grammys anymore either, because I am sooooooooooo
    out of touch with the new artists and music. I also stopped watching award shows, because, come on already, how many award shows do these entertainment people need.? Enough already!

    I will admit here to my guilty pleasure….Fashion Police?! Yes, I know, I am ashamed.It’s like cotton candy for the eye, absolutely NO value to the body whatsoever, but I love it. So even though I don’t watch the Grammys, Oscars, Peoples’ Choice, etc., etc, etc., or know most of the people who were nominated, performed or won, I love to watch the Chatty, Catty Four dish on the dresses of the atendees. Go figure :-)

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  5. HeatherS AAR

    I have never been a fan of the Grammy Awards because I’ve always had the impression of the academy as being pompous and rather filled with its own sense of importance. And their choices usually are not close to my musical tastes. I had hope this year though as Jamey Johnson’s The Guitar Song is on nearly constant rotation on my ipod. Alas, it was not to be. Lady Antebellum? Really, NARA? Though I do like Need You Now and the lovely American Honey. *sigh*

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  6. Kim in Hawaii

    Hawaii was, of course, excited that Bruno Mars won a trophy (a big win since another Hawaiian resident, Bette Midler, won four trophies over several years).

    What would an awards show be without controversy? Tia Carrerra (yes, the actress from Wayne’s World) won Best Hawaiian Album. She’s won it before. And locals are upset in how the Grammys decided who should win it.

    Waiting for the Oscars’ glitz and hoping it is a King’s sweep!

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  7. Jean

    @Victoria S – I don’t know Fashion Police, but I definitely look at the clothing. It’s just, part and parcel of an awards show. Sometimes I remember a certain celebrity’s dress more than who won a certain award.

    @HeatherS – I suppose being pompous is criteria for most awards shows. But they do have different feels. I saw clips of Ricky Gervais hosting at the Golden Globes, and also being a presenter at the Emmys, and the atmosphere was totally different. Golden Globes = stuck up and snotty, and slightly uncomfortable, Emmys = more relaxed.

    @Kim in Hawaii – I expected Canada to be similarly jubilant about the Arcade Fire win, but surprisingly it wasn’t big news.

    I’ll be honest about King’s Speech – I didn’t think it was amazing. Colin Firth was. But the movie as a whole? Good, but not great. I won’t be sad, though, if it wins Best Picture.

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  8. carrie

    I think the fact that you didn’t know who Lady A was says it all. I don’t expect anyone who isn’t a country music fan to be excited about a country band winning highest honors at the Grammy’s. Country music is the romance novel of the music world. Greatly loved by many but respected by few, and looked down upon as the “lower class” of music entertainment. While I agree Need You Now may not be the best of the year, it’s all very subjective. That’s why I rarely watch any award show. Trying to pick “the best” of anything is fruitless. All I have to do is read yet another intelligent person write a favorable review of Twilight and I know for certain people’s taste in entertainment is very, very subjective. ;-)

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