Bloody calves.

wide-calf-boot-kiersten1Getting back to Canada in mid-January, after summer in the southern hemisphere, has its disadvantages, but there’s definitely one huge plus: Sales. Sales sales sales.  And since all the stores will be trying to get rid of their winter merchandise, it’s the perfect time to shop for boots, right?

I have one pair of boots that fits marvellously, but they’re a wee bit too tall for everyday semi-casual wear.  So I want a pair of lower ones (1″ heel or so), that I can wear with dresses or pants. 

Except I have wide calves.  They’re not so wide that people see it immediately, and salespeople have looked at my legs when I say I have a problem getting my feet into boots, and said in an attempt at flattery, “Oh really?  I wouldn’t have thought so”, and then when I try to zip it up my calf starts bulging and the zip won’t go, and they say, “Oh, I see.”  Yeah, now you see.  

I got my current pair of boots at Naturalizer, and I actually bought two pairs to try around the house before returning them both, and it hurt; the Rockport was particularly comfy, but no way would I have been able to shove anything but a pair of tights down it.  I’m sure I’ll find another pair.  But it’s the having to try it on, and shopping around, and matching it up with style/size/colour/comfort (and comfort is a very big thing for me), and price, that is just a pain.  A pain in the…foot? 

– Jean AAR

4 thoughts on “Bloody calves.

  1. MaryK

    I’ve never been able to wear calf high boots. I settle for ankle boots. And comfort is a necessity for me which makes buying any footwear complicated. I’ve been buying a lot of Clarks’ lately. They even have a pair of comfortable ankle boots I can wear with thick socks.

    I know what you mean about the Rockports. I had a lovely, comfortable soled pair that I had to give away because they were too tight. is amazing for shoe shopping especially if you’re the type who can only wear about every fifth shoe you try on. Several times, I’ve placed an order in the evening, and it arrived the next day!

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  2. Daisy

    I have the same problem, and I have two pair of J Crew wide calf boots that fit really well. They have to be ordered online, but they have several classic styles that are available. I got the second pair with a coupon for a decent price, and they are excellent quality.

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