Cookies, Anyone?

christmas-cookiesYes, it’s the time of year when our office is being inundated with cookies. Every few days, someone brings in another plate of festive, holiday cookies. Sugar cookies in every shape imaginable, topped with bright frosting and sprinkles, gingerbread men with dashing silver buttons, candy cane twists, macaroons, and too many other varieties to name.

When I was in school, a group of us used to get together every year about this time and have a cookie baking party. We’d give proposed recipes to one of the friends, and she’d buy supplies for all of the recipes. We’d then spend a fun evening baking cookies, and go away with a mix of different cookies.

Left to my own devices, I’m not much of a baker. When I cook, I tend to focus on savory items rather than sweets. But this year I’m thinking of breaking out my cookie sheet and giving some cookies a try again.

I used to make a killer coffee cookie — and I don’t even like coffee — but seem to have lost that recipe. I also have a real fondness for peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses on top; maybe not a traditional Christmas cookie, but I liked them.

Do you make Christmas cookies? If so, what are some of your favorites? Care to share any recipes?


5 thoughts on “Cookies, Anyone?

  1. Blythe

    I am a major cookie baker – especially at Christmas time. I’ve already made Russian teacakes, linzer cookies, and Danish pebber nodder (the latter two were ones I tried for the first time). I will also get to the cut-out cookies and fudge next week, and maybe I can sneak in a batch of those peanut blossom cookies (the ones with the kisses), because I like those too. And maybe spritz cookies, because those are also good.

    I don’t necessarily bake the same ones every year. I usually try at least one new recipe each year. But I always make regular cut-out sugar cookies and fudge – without fail.

    My pet peeve is (and don’t get mad at me) people who make chocolate chip cookies at Christmas time. There is nothing wrong with a good chocolate chip cookie, but they are the only cookie most people make. To me, they’re not special. So why not leave them for the other eleven months of the year and do something different?

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