Oh, Finals

It’s that time of the year. It’s finals week.

I have to say, I’ve gotten off fairly easy, compared to some of my friends.  My finals/paper due dates are spaced out, and while I worked a lot during the last weeks of the semester, I have this week off.  Which means I’ve mostly been sitting on my couch, in my pajamas, alternating work with reading and naps.  Only two of my five classes require me to go to campus for the exam.  Not too bad, all in all.

Of course, I have friends who are pulling several all-nighters in a row, have four exams in one day, have multiple 30-page papers to write.  (My page limits were 15-20, a much more manageable amount.  And if I didn’t even quite make it to 15 pages, it’s because I’m concise, not that I am missing information.)  It can be a rough time for students.  One of my friends just started crying the other day after spending her entire day paper-writing.  She didn’t quite know why, except that it’s finals week.

So please, be kind to the students in your life during finals week.  Send them care packages.  Baked goods are always appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Finals

  1. AAR Sandy

    Ah, Jane, I remember every year when I walked out of my last final thinking, “at last — It’s Christmas!” It doesn’t seem as if you have it too bad. Back in olden times, presence was required for exams. And Blue Books and number 10 pencils, too. Enjoy the holidays knowing that you’ve really earned them.

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  2. Jane AAR Post author

    Oh, there are still Blue Books. I just took an exam with them this evening. Take-home exams are becoming more common though. In the past year I’ve taken two timed take-homes; you only have 2 and a half hours to do it, but you can do it on your own time.

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