What’s on Your DVR? Or TiVo? Or…..


Just like comfort reads, I have comfort shows. When I’m sick, exhausted, or in a generally grumpy mood, there are certain shows I like to watch, again and again; they offer comfort, and sometimes actually help me feel better.

Back in the old days of VCRs, I had about 20 tapes stashed away in a cupboard. The tapes were filled with shows designed to make me feel good. I had numerous episodes of Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Remington Steele. Then there were the copies of each and every Chicago Bulls’ NBA final win during the golden years of the Bulls (Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen….).

My VCR tapes made many moves with me. But I pitched them years ago, after I converted to DVR, and my last VCR player bit the dust. I realize now I could have had the tapes converted to DVD, but it’s too late now.

In theory, the shows on my DVR offer me the same opportunities for comfort viewing. The problem is, I’ve moved three times since I switched to DVR. Each move has meant using a different cable company, and turning in my old DVR box and starting fresh.

I finally have a number of comfort views on my latest DVR. I have most of the episodes of season 1 of Glee, the movie The Holiday, the last two episodes of The Vicar of Dibley (yes, the Richard Armitage episodes!), and the last few episodes of West Wing (President Jimmy Smits!).

I’m still hoping to capture Nottinghill again, but if I can’t, will probably purchase it. I am afraid, though, that some things are lost to me forever. I had a couple episodes of Survivor that were very fun, but aren’t available for purchase. Portions of some Survivor episodes are available on YouTube, but not the entire episodes. Then, of course, there are all those old Remington Steele and Scarecrow and Mrs. King episodes. I can watch a few of them on Hulu, but the offerings are very limited.

Do you have any particular comfort shows? If so, are they recorded on DVR, or do you purchase DVDs?

8 thoughts on “What’s on Your DVR? Or TiVo? Or…..

  1. Missie

    I know what you mean about comfort shows. The only show I own the DVDs for is “The Gilmore Girls”…I have all 7 seasons, and every so often, I’ll do a marathon and spend a day or afternoon or whatever watching them.

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  2. LeeB.

    I’d have to say my favorite comfort show is Friends. And I don’t need to save it because the WB website offers episodes every week. And, yeah, even if I’ve seen the episodes over and over, I still laugh. And that is refreshing after a long day.

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  3. LinnieGayl AAR Post author

    Missie, I’ve only seen a couple episodes of the Gilmore Girls, but really enjoyed it. I keep meaning to start at the beginning.

    Lee, yes, Friends is definitely a good one. It’s on so many different TV stations in reruns, I can manage to watch some each week.

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  4. Gail

    Gilmore Girls is a favorite, and there aren’t a ton of tv shows that stand up to rewatching for me. When I see an episode being run I’m more likely to watch an old episode of it then some new things… I only have one season of that on dvd vs all Buffy though (Buffy has made the rounds through a number of friends and family members I’ve hooked on it).
    Veronica Mars and Daria (I celebrated when MTV FINALLY released it dvd) also stand up for me, as do older classics like the Muppet Show. I tend to go for real favorites on dvd since having them commercial free ups the relaxation factor in watching. Having on dvd also means if I’m in a marathon mood I can just hit “play all”.

    PS: You can get Notting Hill from an outfit like DeepDiscount for $10 with free shipping.

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  5. Corinna

    My favorite comfort show is Bonanza. Yes, seriously. Those guys are HOT, especially Little Joe. A couple of years ago I found out that I’m not the only one who still loves this show, even though it premiered in 1959. There are thousands of fans, the vast majority of them women, still eating it up. Little Joe’s angelic face and drool-worthy body aside (by the way, he’s not little–Joe was packin’ ;)) there’s just something about the family chemistry and the way the brothers, all so different, interact. And with over 400 hour-long episodes, there’s a lot to watch.

    My other comfort show is Supernatural. You might think this one is light-years away from Bonanza, but you’d be wrong. The basic appeal of Supernatural is actually exactly the same as it is for Bonanza–very different brothers putting their lives on the line for one another and looking sexy while doing it.

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  6. Missie

    Gail — oh, yes, BUFFY! Hubby and I both love Buffy. :-) And yes, it stands up to repeated watching, as well. The spin-off, Angel, was entertaining, too, but not nearly as well done…were I to choose between “Buffy” and “Angel” for DVD, it would hands-down be “Buffy.”

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