Bones: How Did I Miss This?


Well over a year ago I read a post by Jane here about Bones. I’ll admit I thought the show sounded interesting, but I just wasn’t ready to commit to another TV show, especially one that had been on for quite a few years. I should also admit to another reason for passing on the series. As a big mystery reader, I’d tried Kathy Reichs’ series years earlier, but just couldn’t get into it. Even though lots of people commented on Jane’s post that the TV series and mystery series were quite different, I just wasn’t convinced. So, I decided to pass on it, and really didn’t give it another thought.

Then, one night this week, too exhausted to do much of anything, I engaged in a bit of channel surfing. Suddenly, there was Bones; and it was fascinating. I enjoyed the plot of the episode I watched, and was completely engaged by the characters, and especially, Booth and Brennan.

But boy were there big parts of the show that I didn’t understand. I had no idea who most of the characters were. Once the show ended, I got on the web to do a bit of research. Yikes! The show has been on since 2005, which is a lot of catching up to do. From looking at various blogs, I can see that lots of people are unhappy with the direction of Booth and Bones relationship, while others think the quality of the show has gone downhill since the beginning.

I know I’ll watch the show this coming week (once I figure out what night it’s on), but am undecided if I should try and watch episodes from previous seasons. Right now I’m leaning towards just watching for a few weeks. Then, if I’m still interested, I’ll decide if I want to begin “catching up.” Renting entire seasons is always a possibility, but I’m just not sure if it’s worth the investment of my time.

Are any of you still fans of Bones? If so, should I do a catch-up, or just enjoy the series from this point? And who was the little girl sitting on Booth’s lap at the end? Does he have kids? Any suggestions for good places online to find out more about the history of the series?


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  1. Jane AAR

    I hope you keep liking it! I am sort of frustrated about the path things have taken between Booth and Brennan… they had so many opportunities last season that they just threw away, and now Booth has a live-in girlfriend. I have high hopes, though… the writers, characters, and actors all know that the audience wants them together, and they say that they won’t cop out and only hook them up on the series finale.

    And now for some spoilers to fill you in…

    I’m not sure which episode you watched, so I don’t know who the little girl was. Booth does have a son, though– Parker, and he’s probably 8 or 9 and this point in the series. Probably the biggest dynamics that you need to know… Angela and Hodgins were together, broke it off for a season, but then got married and are expecting a baby. Zach, the wonderfully awkward assistant in the first 3 seasons, had a lapse of over-logic and helped out a serial killer, so now he’s in a mental hospital. Brennan’s parents abandoned her when she was 15, but because they had previously been involved in a crime ring and had evidence against them… long story short, the parents ran to protect the kids, and her mother is dead but her father is back in her life, after killing some people who were trying to kill Brennan’s brother, and being acquitted. Booth confessed his love for Brennan last season, but she shut him down and then they both separated for 7 months– he in Afghanistan, she on a dig in Malaysia– and he is now in love with a reporter he met there, and they’re living together.

    That’s the gist of it all… hope that wasn’t too much of an info-dump!

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  2. Noelinya

    I’ve just seen an old episode where Booth meets with his son at the end. He has the little blond boy on his lap, they are in some kind of restaurant, with the mother and her new boyfriend. Th boy is showing Booth something he has constructed. I think it can be the same episode you’ve seen

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  3. Missie

    Jane, excellent synopsis! One thing I would add — a member of ZZTop plays Angela’s dad, whenever he randomly shows up :-)

    Linnie, I didn’t see the little girl you saw, either (not quite sure which specific episode you saw), so not sure — but the series is fun. Hubby & I didn’t like the first season very much, actually — we quit watching it after the first few episodes and only picked back up with it sometime during the 2nd season, I think it was…and we’ve missed some things in-between…it’s one of the few times that cable’s propensity for showing stuff over and over again on different channels and doing marathons is a good thing.

    I haven’t read the series this is based on, so I can’t speak to that, but I do know that series and the books they’re based upon are often quite different — sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad. For example, I love, love, LOVE the delicious Ian McShane in the series “Lovejoy,” and I was so enamored of the series that years ago, I sought out the books they were based on…and sadly, couldn’t make my way through all the English slang :-(

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  4. LinnieGayl

    Thanks, Jane! Wow, I’ve missed so much. But I really did like it, so intend to keep watching.

    Noelinya, they were watching something like a “Mr. Science” or something like that show, with a bunch of kids, and some kid sat on Booth’s lap. Oh, didn’t get that he had a live-in girlfriend. Much to learn.

    Missie, have never seen the Lovejoy series either.

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  5. LisaCharlotte

    If you have Netflix you can watch Bones streaming from the beginning. I have been using the hell out of Netflix with my iPad. They were made for each other. I’m just starting season2. I had to take a break so I didn’t burn out.

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  6. Kay Webb Harrison

    I think that I have finally seen all the early seasons’ episodes. I started watching Bones regularly around season 3. TNT runs the older episodes.

    I enjoy the interplay among the regulars. The psychologist, Sweets, has pretty much taken Zach’s place in the cast ensemble. In the lab, there has been a rotating bunch of interns, each with his or her own idiosynchracies. The mysteries are interesting. The conflict between Brennan’s logical point of view and Booth’s intuitive one keeps their working relationship fresh; over time, she has become more of a people person, and he has revealed a more analytical side of himself. I am one who is not happy with their current personal relationship, but given their pasts, it does make sense.

    LinnieGayl, you will have time to do some catching up. The episode you saw was the last one before the World Series fall break. I’m not sure of the date of Bones’s return, but it is on Thursday at 8:00 eastern; it will be back with new episodes when the World Series is over.


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  7. Missie

    Ah, okay, the “Mr. Science” episode! I did see that one; I think the kid on Booth’s lap was just a random kid from the audience.

    “Lovejoy” is wonderful fun… irreverent, antique-filled fun…and regardless, you’ve got Ian McShane to watch and listen to ;-)

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  8. PatF

    I am also a longtime Bones fan. It’s one of the very few series shows that I’ve stayed with. There have been some weak episodes and I don’t like the addition of a “live-in” for Booth but am sure that will be resolved ( or dissolved! ) . And agree that the synopsis was quite good!

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