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I’ve been reading PerezHilton.com regularly for a year or so now.  He’s got a distinctive voice, and while sometimes I cringe at his grammatical errors, I generally am interested in the news he reports.  That said, I didn’t like how harsh he was sometimes, or how biased and judgmental he could be.

But it seems like that’s coming to an end.  Perez has been vocal about the issue of gay bullying and the recent suicides, and been working to find celebrity support for anti-bullying campaigns– which a lot of people say is hypocritical and just the pot calling the kettle black.  So now he’s vowed that he will no longer be bullying celebrities.  No more Maniston or SluttyCyrus or Potato Head (that’s Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, and Rumer Willis, respectively).  No senseless bashing, or unfair and outrageous statements.  A lot of people are skeptical, because that’s what he’s known for– being outrageous and mildly offensive.

But so far, I have legitimately seen a change.  His voice hasn’t changed, and he’s still (as he insists he will be) “sassy.”  But he hasn’t called anyone ugly or stupid or untalented.  He doesn’t consistently call Jennifer Aniston a bitter cat lady, or Jennifer Love Hewitt desperate and untalented.  I think he’s managed to strike a balance between calling celebrities out for their shenanigans, while not going over-the-top and attacking them personally.

What do you think?  Will it last?  Is this something he should be doing?

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Bullying

  1. Ryan W.

    Can it last? Maybe. He’s had one case where he’s pledged to leave someone alone and has, although for different reasons (she’s a D-lister who taunted him like crazy and he just said he’d never mention her again and he hasn’t).

    His name calling may have been toned down and I don’t think he’ll go back to calling a lot of the higher-profile celebs the names he’s used for them, but I can see him sneaking in newer, less offensive names for others. I honestly don’t think he can help himself.

    I personally don’t like his brand of hit-and-run gossip. You get his piece of the story mixed in with either his personal approval or disdain and then some awful little wink wink. He’s been terrible to people he thinks are closeted. I’m glad he’s openly talking about changing his blog, but considering how much bullying HE’S done to gay people, I just was a little speechless when I first heard it. Especially since he’s gay.

    I commend him, but I have my doubts about it lasting.

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  2. Sandy AAR

    I am skeptical. I haven’t read him for a few years because I don’t give a rat’s ass what he thinks about celebrities. And the column is always as much about HIM as the celebs he covers. I will be grateful if he doesn’t call Jennifer Aniston “Maniston” anymore or draws cocaine dripping from someone’s nose.

    On Real Housewives Perez Hilton somehow found out that Bethany Frankel was pregnant when she had told very, very few people — not even her husband’s parents. RHONY showed her scrambling to try to reach them before they heard about it via PH. It helped me see the other side of this whole gossip thing. Bethany suspected that Jill had somehow found out and had told PH, but it could have been someone in the doctor’s offices, too. Apparently, the Betty Ford Center has staff who regularly spill when celebrities are there. Not fair. They didn’t sign on for that.

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