“Shirt off! Shirt off!” (Or: The Squee Heard ‘Round the World)

Rob Pattinson Takes It Off!So yesterday Twitter and the rest of the internets were burning up with this news: Edward, shirtless.

And the crowd goes wild!

My little celebrity crush on Mr. Pattinson has gotten a bit out of hand in recent days, nourished by youtube interviews and Cannes photos, but all I have to say here is:

Airbrushed or no, this boy has been working out.   He looks a hell of a lot better than he did in those naked stills from Little Ashes (A film I actually have no desire to see, hinging on it does on a frustratingly doomed obsession; plus, the reviewers seem most underwhelmed).

But who cares about Little Ashes when we have so many more Robert Pattinson movies being filmed in the near future: Remember Me this summer, then Eclipse, then Unbound Captives (where Rob will go Comanche), then Bel Ami (featuring a charming, ruthless social climbing manipulator Rob).

Oh, so many good things to look forward to!  As if the blessings of today were not enough.

–AAR Rachel

24 thoughts on ““Shirt off! Shirt off!” (Or: The Squee Heard ‘Round the World)

  1. AAR Heather

    Rachel, I completely understand. My husband now rolls his eyes every time I mention anything dealing with Rob Pattinson because I have the worst crush. It’s worse even than my Gerard Butler crush from a year ago. He’s simply beautiful to me and he certainly has been working out – good for him and all his fans. Sigh……

  2. Jane Granville

    As much as I love Rob Pattinson… is it just me, or does that picture look like his six-pack was airbrushed on?

  3. AAR Rachel

    Jane – totally airbrushed, but I don’t care. All gym and no play makes Rob a dull boy.

    BTW, yesterday I watched a convo unfold speculating whether Rob could play Jamie in Outlander. What do you think?

  4. Jane Granville

    Hmm. I’m not sure about that. He’s certainly not what I pictured, but then I haven’t ever managed to pin a face on Jamie. He might be able to pull off young Jamie, in Outlander. (btw, are there actual movie plans for Outlander, or is htis just speculation?)

  5. Nifty

    Did y’all see the You Tube clip where someone strung all these photos together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1BHZ4UQ2GA&feature=player_embedded

    I posted it in the Stephenie Meyer thread on one of the books boards.

    Anyway…I had to give a little squee myself when I saw the pics. Not necessarily because I think Rob Pattinson is dreamy. I think he’s a good-looking man, but he’s no Hugh Jackman or Gerry Butler or James Purefoy. But this scene is my favorite in New Moon and I can’t wait to see it on film. I’m so ready for November!

    (Regarding Rob Pattinson as Jamie Fraser…. Uh…NO!)

  6. LizJ

    There’s a picture making the rounds today of shirtless Rob kissing Kristen. In character, of course :)

  7. AAR Rachel

    See, it’s been YEARS since I read Outlander, and that was the only Gabaldon I read. Plus, isn’t Jamie a redhead? You have to have special coloring to pull that one off. Pale isn’t enough.

    But put him in a long, blond wig, and I could maybe, MAYBE, see him as Cat. If he buffed up a bit more and didn’t get washed out by the blond.

  8. Ellen AAR

    Oh no! Rob could never play Jamie. Jamie is a MAN! Rob (forgive me all you fangirls) is too boyish to play Jamie. Besides, Jamie is a redhead and not really pale either.

  9. Katie Mack

    Maybe it’s because I’ve never watched Twilight, but Pattinson just doesn’t do it for me. Plus, I was really grossed out by all the reports of his costars having to suffer through his very unhygienic practices of not bathing or brushing his teeth. Yuck!

  10. KristieJ

    Now I’m not a fan of Rob Pattinson. I’m not not a fan either. but the part of your post that makes me go squee is when he goes Comanche!!

    See? Being a huge fan of Western Romance, this is one I will be wanting to see fer shure!

    Of course – I’m ducking in at work and have my screen minimized quite a bit and not able to see him and his six pack.

  11. Katie Mack

    Okay, this post made me actually google Pattinson to see if the hygiene rumors I’ve heard (referenced in my comment above) are true. Apparently not, although he does admit that he doesn’t wash his hair because he doesn’t see the point in it. Still a little gross, but I feel so much better for his costars now. Sorry for ignorantly spreading the gossip. :)

  12. xina

    I like him, but he is soooo young. My daughter likes him…so do her friends. 21 yr. old young women think he’s darn cute. I met a woman(40+) in a book group that was reading Twilight and she said he did nothing for her because she pictured Edward looking like a young Hugh Jackman…very muscular and all. Personally, I think he fits the character in the book quite well. He is a 100yr. old vampire forever 17 so he should look like a young man. And the series was written for teens and yeah….they love him.

  13. Diane

    Please this is a boy NO he could not pull off Jamie. Hugh Jackman is going to star in that western with Rob. Now if you want to talk about a sexy MAN thats HUGH JACKMAN —-to me. Anyone agree?

  14. Lee

    Loves me some Hugh Jackman. Sorry, but I think I’m too old for Pattinson – looks too much like my 15 year old! But I’m sure I would have wanted him to bite my neck when I was a teen.

  15. Nifty

    I have often thought that Craig Horner, who plays Richard in the t.v. series “Legend of the Seeker” could make a very good Jamie. Obviously the coloring is off and he’s not quite as tall as Jamie (only 6’2″ compared to Jamie’s 6’4″), but I think I could see him in the role and feel good about the casting. (I’m not saying he’s perfect for it, but he’s a good candidate in my eyes.)


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