In Praise of the Refreshing Beverage

iced-teaAnd no, even though I am an avid fan of Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody mysteries, I’m not talking about whiskey and soda. For me, during this unbelievably hot and humid summer, my refreshing beverage of choice has been iced tea (or do you say ice tea?).

While I still begin my days with a mug or two of hot tea, I quickly switch over to glass after glass of iced tea. Most of the summer, I’ve felt as if I’m fighting off dehydration, it’s been that hot. I do drink some straight water, but the majority of the time, it’s just iced tea.

My iced tea of choice is pure, unadulterated black iced tea. No lemon, and definitely no sweetener of any kind. 

At home I make my own iced tea; big pitchers of the stuff can be found in my refrigerator most days. But when I’m at work, I make one or two quick runs each day for huge glasses of iced tea to bring back to the office (no access to a refrigerator…sigh).

Some restaurants have practically undrinkable iced tea. I’m not sure exactly what they do to it, as they claim it’s “fresh brewed.” I’m convinced that one franchise in town actually “brews” their iced tea in containers that previously held coffee, it has that strong of a coffee taste. In places like that, I’ve taken to asking for half lemonade/half iced tea. I don’t find it quite as refreshing, but it’s drinkable.

How about you? What’s your go-to drink in hot weather?


12 thoughts on “In Praise of the Refreshing Beverage

  1. Missie

    I always refer to it as iced tea, too. :-) And it has been so hot here that for the time-being, I’ve even given up starting my day with a hot cuppa and just kick things off with iced tea.

    I generally like mine either unsweetened with some fresh lemon or sometimes with some artificial sweetener — depends upon my mood. But just plain, unsweetened tea is yummy, too.

    Lipton’s “diet” (artificially sweetened) citrus green tea isn’t too bad, either.

    As much as I love iced tea, though, I am looking forward to fall and cooler night and mornings so I’ll feel like returning to starting my day off with about three cuppas of Barry’s Gold Blend, which I drink black, with a touch of artificial sweetener.

  2. LeeB.

    I love ginger ale on the rocks for a pick me up but generally just stick with water. Not a fan of tea; seems to always have a bitter taste even if I dump in lots of sugar.

  3. Gail

    I love fruity lemonades and I’ve had great access to fresh raspberries this summer so I’ve been making large quantities of raspberry lemonade (also strawberry and cherry depending on what’s available). My other go to summer beverage is Thai iced tea, only moderately sweet (I’ve been making it with less sugar than the recipe calls for) and with plenty of spice. Yum.

  4. PatF

    In this area of the South ( middle Tennessee ) most of us seem to drink sweetened iced tea with lemon. Even in this unrelenting heat, a cup of hot tea is my favorite morning drink.

  5. LinnieGayl AAR Post author

    Missie, I’m definitely looking forward to cooler weather when I’ll feel like drinking hot beverages all day long.

    Lee, I do like particularly strong ginger ale (or better yet, ginger beer) once in awhile. I used to buy a very strong brand of ginger beer (it doesn’t have alcohol) but have managed to forget the name so can’t even search for it.

    Gail, I’ve never had raspberry lemonade, but that sounds intriguing.

    PatF, I’m with you with the hot tea each morning, no matter what the weather.

    Nathalie, well, I used to drink not only one Diet Coke, but *shudder* about 6 cans a day. Finally, it caught up with me and I started having some health problems with it, and just can’t drink Diet Coke anymore….and I still crave it from time to time, even 4 years and 5 months later….sigh.

  6. Sandy AAR

    I grew up in the south, so I’m a sweet tea woman in the summertime — only these days I use decaf Lipton tea bags (sweet tea isn’t fancy) and Splenda. I think this is the most refreshing drink possible in the summertime.

  7. Syd

    It’s been so ridiculously hot this summer that we go through a pitcher of icetea (one word) every day or so. We sweeten it with sugar or sometimes with mint infused simple syrup because that was the way it was served to me at a restaurant once and I thought that was really cool.

  8. Missie

    I guess I’m one of the few Southerners who prefers her tea unsweet! ;-)

    Iced tea with mint or mint tea — either hot or cold — is delicious, too.

  9. LinnieGayl

    Sandy, I just can’t stand most decaf tea, although I’ll admit I haven’t tried Lipton’s. Tried some Earl Grey decaf and had to throw it out. But the classic iced tea for me is made with full caf Lipton’s. That’s just how iced tea was always made in my house.

    Syd, mint infused simple syrup sounds really intriguing. I might have to try making some of that and giving it a try.

    Missie, I haven’t even tried plain iced tea with mint. But I’ll bet it looks quite elegant with mint leaves sticking up.

  10. Missie

    Linnie, it does look elegant. And you can brew it with the mint leaves — either solely mint leaves for a mint “tea” or combined with your tea when steeping — to infuse it with a mint flavor.

    I will say, though, that I do prefer my mint tea with a touch of artificial sweetener…the sweet seems to bring out the flavor of the mint more.

  11. carol irvin

    I use Ginger Yogi tea. I use three or four teabags in a Mr. Coffee and make a full pot. This machine is only used to make tea. Sitting right next to it is a Bunn machine which we use to make our morning coffee. So we start the day off with hot coffee and then I switch to iced ginger tea, unsweetened, unlemoned in the summer. I get the tea at Trader Joe’s. When Summer is over I tend to drink the tea at room temperature instead.

    I am a former diet coke drinker too. I still have it about once a week when I go out but that is it. I too had about a 6 can habit a day and I started worrying about what all that artificial sweetener might be doing to me.

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