The Emmy’s get Glee-ful


I used to watch every award show on TV, with the Academy Awards being my very favorite. These days, I catch so few movies when they’re out in theatres, that the Academy Awards has lost a bit of its appeal. I still watch some of the Red Carpet before many of the awards shows, but about the only award show that I come close to watching in its entirety is the Emmys. In any given year I can be assured that I’ll have seen far more of the TV shows nominated for an Emmy than movies nominated for Oscars.

The nominations came out this week for the 2010 Emmys, and I was very happy to see that second only to The Pacific (24 nominations) is Glee (19 nominations), with Mad Men (17 nominations) a close third.

In addition to being nominated for best comedy series, acting nominations went to Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schuester), Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), and Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester).  Several guest stars — including Neil Patrick Harris — have been nominated for their guest performances on Glee.

I’m going to have to go back and re-watch the Madonna episode of Glee, because it received several nominations including hair and costumes. It clearly didn’t stick in my mind as much as the fun costumes from the Lady Gaga episode.

Were there any surprises for you in the Emmy nominations this week? Or, are you like one of my friends who said, Emmy nominations, who cares?

7 thoughts on “The Emmy’s get Glee-ful

  1. Missie

    We used to watch all the award shows, too, but many of them have lost their luster, somehow or other. *shrug* About all we watch now are the Academy Awards.

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  2. LeeB.

    I do follow the nominations and especially like to see which “movie stars” get nominated for miniseries or guest spots.

    Having never watched Glee (except for the Youtube videos you’ve provided in your blogs), where does that school get all the money for costumes, spotlights, stage platforms, etc.? Is is a public school?

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  3. carol irvin

    One reason the Madonna episode was such a hit was that Sue (Jane Lynch) performed Madonna songs. She was fabulous. I positively dislike Madonna and loved this episode!

    I always read the nominations for these awards shows because I get good leads for shows to watch. One show which escaped me somehow was MODERN FAMILY, which got tons of nominations. I quickly watched it last week and LOVED it. That is the primary value of awards for me, looking at the nominations and choosing from there. It really doesn’t matter who wins.

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