Germany 4 England 1

SOCCER-WORLD/Okay, so I’ll try to keep the gloating to a minimum.

What an afternoon that was! Matches between Germany and England are always something else, and this surely didn’t disappoint! All goals (including the one that wasn’t given) were utterly brilliant, so here they are for you to enjoy once more:

YouTube Preview Image

- Rike Horstmann

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4 Responses to “Germany 4 England 1”

  1. Goosie says:

    AHH! I’m a huge German fan (America and Cameroon have both been eliminated so I must pin my hopes and dreams on die Mannschaft) so I was really pleased with yesterday’s result. However, it does suck that it came about partially due to a MAJOR referreeing error. That being said, Germany played BEAUTIFULLY. It was fantastic to watch, even as a casual soccer fan! Go Germany!

  2. LeeB. says:

    Congrats Rike! Though I’m not a football/soccer fan, even I have heard about the horrible officiating. The powers that be need to start using replay.

  3. Marcella says:

    Congrats, Rike!
    I’m not into soccer at all, but how about a Germany-Holland final? The odds are getting bigger.

  4. Marcella says:

    And bigger. Let’s hope Paul has it wrong! :-)